• LTM4657 Leaded

    HI all

    can someone notice when (or if..) the LTM4657 leaded will be available?


  • LTM4657 not in LTPowerCAD?

    The LTM4657 web page indicates that it is supported by LTPowerCAD but when I run LTPowerCAD 2.7.1 I don't see it and the web page does not appear to have any model I can download. Please advise. Thanks - Jason

  • LTM4622 - LTM4657 - LTM8024 - LTM4636 - Design Review Request



          LTM4622 - LTM4657 - LTM8024 - LTM4636 are used for power regulation in our telecom project.We would like to know the valuable review comments ASAP.


           Currently used for Industrialized POC, Soon mo…

  • 【LTM4657】What is the model number of the internal IC?


    I am experimenting with LTM4657.
    When considering peripheral circuits, I would like to know the information of the IC inside.

    What is the model number of the internal IC?
    I think it contains the LTC3xxx or LTC7xxx series.

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  • Reverse current protection for disabled LTM4625?

    I'd like to use a LTM4657 to create a 3.3V rail from a 12V barrel jack.  This barrel jack supply might not exist, and the 3.3V might be created somewhere else.  I've tried to make it so the LTM4657 will bring RUN low when the barrel jack power supply…

  • RE: DCM vs. CCM

    Hi Shimon_Otsri,

    The DCM/CCM setting only applies to light load conditions.  When the MODE/CLKIN pin is set to DCM, the part will operate in CCM at high loads and DCM at light loads. For your design, simply connect the MODE/CLKIN pin to GND.

    You may also…