• LTM4657 FREQ Resistor values

    Your datasheet doesn't seem to have a Voltage level for the FREQ pin, so I can't figure this one out.

    According to your datasheet:

    "An external resistor can be placed from this pin to GND to increase frequency, or from this pin to INTVCC to reduce…

  • LTM4657 INTVcc pin decoupling


    in LTM4657 datasheet, p. 7, INTVcc (B3) pin is described following: ".....Decouple each pin to GND with a minimum of 2.2µF local low ESR ceramic capacitor." that seems to suggest external cap is required. However this is not shown in any of the…

  • LTM4657 and external PMIC (ADM1266)


    are there any special considerations for using LTM4657 when system margining is done by ADM1266?

    Idea is to place Vosn+ and Vosns- of LTM4657 at the output ceramic and ADM1266 sense at the pins of FPGA and perform margining using that.


  • LTM4657 IY vs EY

    Hi, what's the difference between the EY and the IY versions of the LTM4657?

  • LTM4657 not in LTPowerCAD?

    The LTM4657 web page indicates that it is supported by LTPowerCAD but when I run LTPowerCAD 2.7.1 I don't see it and the web page does not appear to have any model I can download. Please advise. Thanks - Jason

  • LTM4657 Leaded

    HI all

    can someone notice when (or if..) the LTM4657 leaded will be available?


  • 【LTM4657】What is the model number of the internal IC?


    I am experimenting with LTM4657.
    When considering peripheral circuits, I would like to know the information of the IC inside.

    What is the model number of the internal IC?
    I think it contains the LTC3xxx or LTC7xxx series.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: LTM4622 - LTM4657 - LTM8024 - LTM4636 - Design Review Request

    As per LTM4636 datasheet, tSTART (COUT = 100μF × 3 Ceramic, 470μF × 3 POSCAP,No Load, TRACK/SS = 0.001μF, VIN = 12V) is mentioned as 50ms.

    We have connected the RUNP input of the regulator to power sequencer .  PVCC is connected to…

  • Reverse current protection for disabled LTM4625?

    I'd like to use a LTM4657 to create a 3.3V rail from a 12V barrel jack.  This barrel jack supply might not exist, and the 3.3V might be created somewhere else.  I've tried to make it so the LTM4657 will bring RUN low when the barrel jack power supply…

  • RE: LTM4668A and duty cycle and output voltage


    if the Vout is smaller than ton,min and dutycycle would allow the part will skip cycles to reduce delivered power to the output in one period. Hence the effective switching frequency will be reduced.

    Check your Mode pin for correct configuration…