• LTM4653 pulsed load

    Afternoon Everyone,

    I purchased a development board of the ltm4653 and used it during testing (DC2327A)

    It was modified to output 12V at 15V with a switching frequency of roughly 1 MHz as per the datasheet.

    Our operating input voltage range is 14V to…

  • LTM4653 - Remote ground sense?

    I'm using 2 LTM4653s to push 5V at 6A through a cable to the load.  I can use the VOSNS pin to compensate for voltage drop on the positive side through the cable, but is there a clean way to compensate for voltage drop in the ground through the cable…

  • LTM4653 as a variable output voltage power supply


    I’m currently designing a variable output voltage buck convert for driving a baffle heater (my company works on EGSE for space instruments).

    I need to generate a variable voltage between ~5V to ~50V for closing thermal loops on resistive

  • Question about LTM4653 simulation using Loop Compensation Design


    My customer will use LTM4653 and LTM4630A and before applying these devices, they want to confirm simulation results from LTSPICE.

    But they say that the simulation time of their design  takes  long time,  so they want to use  a Loop Compensation Design…

  • ltm4653 schematic


    中文:箭头所指不有两个误差放大器么(我想应该是)?正常工作时VINREG=INTVCC>2V, IMONA<2V,那么这两个误差放大器就会产生相反的输出,那么不就没有调节的作用了么?


    english:there are two error…

  • RE: LTM4653

    Hi i'm also currently in the process of designing in multiple LTM4653's (6 pieces) at once in a control-board of our company where we need to have a configurabe DC output voltage from 48VDC in.

    I came across this post literally by accident while…

  • LTM4653 max duty cycle

    1) We need to use this part in a 50V input to variable voltage(36V till 48V)/4A output configuration. From the datasheet its not specifically clear as to what is the min drop out voltage, or the max output that can be attained at this current (it talks…

  • LTM4653 input and output short to ground


    I have designed a power supply module using

    1> LTC3889 - output-1=24vdc, output-2=24vd. and 

    2> LTM4653 output-3 = 48vdc

    Input voltage = 50VDC.

    Problem: LTM4653 input and output get short to ground( mosfet ) when ever i switch on LTC3889 using…

  • LTM4653 - EXTVCC for 3.3V output?

    I'm using the LTM4653 for 28V in, 3.3V out.

    According to the datasheet, for Vout >= 4V, EXTVCC should be powered from Vout (through a resistor R_EXTVCC).  Is there any reason EXTVCC can't be tied directly to Vout when Vout = 3.3V?  Since EXTVCC…

  • LTM4653 Datasheet


    Where can I locate the LTM4653 data sheet?