• RE: LTM4653 Datasheet


    You may download the data sheet for the LTM4653 here: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ltm4653.pdf 

    Thank you

  • LTM4653

    Dear Analog/LT team, I'm in dire need of a little help.

    I've read the data sheet of the LTM4653 over and over again and I am still not sure, why this is happening exactly:


    Under some strange conditions the LTM just bursts in flames. My input…

  • RE: LTM4653 LTpowerCAD support?

    Still no LTM4653 support... come on...

  • Can LTM4653 be used in Constant Current mode?


    I'm interested is there a way to use LTM4653 in constant curren mode?  would need to convert unregulated 30-50VDC  to current regulated  0..4A with Vout Max 5V.

    LTM4653 seems to be ideal except it has no current limit  or CC regulation pin. Wandering…

  • Web page for LTM4653 has a photo of a Demo Circui 2327A board. I am guessing that the bd is not available for sale, but are the design files for the bd available?

    Looking for eval bd for LTM4653. Webpage as Demo Circuit 2327A board photo. Are the design files for this board available?

  • Need Design Files for the DC2327A for the LTM4653


    Please tell me where I may find the design files for Demonstration circuit 2327A featuring the LTM4653.

    Thank you

  • LTM4653 - EXTVCC for 3.3V output?

    I'm using the LTM4653 for 28V in, 3.3V out.

    According to the datasheet, for Vout >= 4V, EXTVCC should be powered from Vout (through a resistor R_EXTVCC).  Is there any reason EXTVCC can't be tied directly to Vout when Vout = 3.3V?  Since EXTVCC…

  • Switch synchronising of multiple LTM4653 devices

    Hi all,

    I am currently in the process of designing a board that's main function is as a power supply. We have 48V coming in and require 4 individual, 26V, 3A (max) outputs. We have settled on using 4 LTM4653 step down converters with a switch frequency…

  • RE: LTM4653 - optimal thermal PCB layout and thermal theda values

    The evaluation board is a good starting point.  It is optimized including EMI and thermals performance. Thermal testing on your actual board design is recommended.