• LTM4651 simulation issue

    Hi there!

    Does the Spice model of LTM4651 work?
    I am using 4651 to make -12V from +24V but can't get the desired output.
    The output is -0.6V with 0.5Vpp ripple and freq is about 15kHz but the switching freq is set to 1.1MHz.
    All external parts have selected…

  • LT powerCAD tool for LTM4651


    I am trying to design a pot circuit with the LTM4651 using powercad sytem design tool. I updated my libraries and was able to find the part but when I try to start the design tool the program crashes or sometimes the design tool option is not clickable…

  • LTM4651 data sheet mistakes and simulator inconsistencies

    Equation 2 on page 13 does not work if fsw is in MHz as called out.

    Simulator does NOT give me correct switching frequencies with Iset.

    Tried using table 8 values- no go.

    Also- circuit is NOT in Power Cad - though data sheet says it is.

  • Can I use 6 LTM4651 for -9.5V/11A?

    Dear Sir:

                   Can I used 6 LTM4651 for -9.5V/11A as below picture?

  • LTM4651 24V to - 24V, the chip is very hot, normal?

    The output voltage is right. It's very hot and it's not loaded yet.           

    Is this normal?

  • LTM4651 24V转-24V,芯片非常烫,正常么?



  • RE: LTC3704 for 9A current output at -5.5V

    Hi Mohsin,

    Apology for very late reply. I believe you need more capable parts. Quick review: you may need 2 x LTM4655 or 3 x LTM4651

  • DC/DC changeable voltage appliation

    We want to change Vin12v->Vout16v to changeable +12v~+8v, Could we use 8055+7106?

    For negative application, we choose LTM4651, but we can know 7106 can work or not in typ circuit.

    Thank you very much.

  • want a product recommend?+24V到-28V的电源芯片,有推荐的吗?

    i want a power product which can trans voltage from +24V to -28V . if anyone can help me? 

    seen LTM4651 can't satisefied.


  • RE: HMC8205BF10 Required Power Supply

    Hi Saravana,

    The 8205 is a CW part.  Do you need it pulsed or need gate control?  If so, unfortunately we do not have any Automatic Bias Control parts at 50V.

    I cannot provide a full schematic yet but I do have a block diagram with a way to control the…