Case 1: leave EXTVCC open or use a small cap towards GND.

    Case 2: Connect EXTVCC to VIN

    For GND layout:

    Figure 13 on page :

    In the demoboard  SGND and GND pins are connected on the GND plane (Layer 2), hence I do not see a conflict between datasheet…

  • LTM4650A 5.5V supply

    Hi, I'm using LTSpice and trying to make a LTM4650A 5.5V 50A supply, but I cant get it to work. I cant find a reference design and am not 100% sure what to do with the diff pins when my output is >3.3V.

    Since this supply should go up to 5.5V, can…

  • LTM4650A overcurrent protection


    From page 12 of the LTM4650A data sheet, "Current mode control provides cycle-by-cycle fast current limit and foldback current limit in an overcurrent condition."

    What are the operating conditions for these functions?



  • Does LTM4650A support inverting application?

    I have a design:power supply input is 12V,and output is -4.75V,load current is 30A.

    Does LTM4650A support this inverting application?

  • LTM4650A Can not work normally


    There are two pieces of LTM4650A-1 on my circuit, input 12V, output 0.85V. The two circuits are the same, and one is not working properly.
    Sometimes the power is suddenly lost, and sometimes it cannot be started.
    When unable to start or power down…

  • LTM4650A工作不正常

    你好 我电路上有两片LTM4650A-1,输入12V,输出0.85V。两个的电路是一样的,有一个工作不正常。 有时候突然掉电,有时候不能启动。


    Vout:0.99V or 1.5V






  • Max ambient temperature for LTM4650A


    We are trying to run a bank of LTM4650A regulators at the highest ambient temperature possible, ideally approaching 125C . The datasheet states that the maximum junction temperature for this device is 125C. Is there a rule of thumb, or better still…

  • LTM4650A: Syncing to external clock: Power-up and failure modes


    I've already asked a very similar question concerning the LTM4644 and like to know whether the answer also applies to the LTM4650A.

    I'd like to know whether there are any sequencing requirements for supplying an external clock to the LTM4650A…

  • RE: LTM4650A_0.85V Generation

    Hi James,

    Yes it is possible to generate 0.85V with 145k resistor. The output voltage programming info can be found on pg. 13 of the LTM4650A datasheet. 

    Thank you!

  • RE: LTM4653 LTpowerCAD support?

    thanks for the reply. I synced several times but the only LTM465x are the LTM4650A?(-1)?. I even reinstalled LTpowerCAD v2.5.5 without success. Will give it another try on monday.