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    Simple math end up at 9A/4=2.25A as the derating curves are done for four channels in parallel.

    BUT you have three other channels with a complete different setup and power/efficiency scenario. As the other three channel see much less power losses…

  • RE: LT3080 LTM4644 MIL specs

    Hi jiamin,

    If “military spec’ means -55°C operating temperature, yes the LTM4644MPY#PBF is military grade.

    LT3080 is not. You may find other LT308x family with MP grade.

  • LTM4644

    Hello, ask a question, can LTM4644 work in 1+1+2 mode?

  • LTM4644

    In my application, there are two power supplies :12V/1A & 3.3V/3A . While I need three secondary power rails :①3.8V/1.1A  ②2.4V/1.84A  ③1.3V/4.85A .

    Can the following topology be achieved with LTM4644:

    VIN1:12V →VOUT1: 3.8V;(SVIN1=12V)


  • LTM4644 PGOOD

    LTM4644 在并联输出时 各路PGOOD信号是否还是有效输出的?

  • LTM4644

    Use LTM4644 to output three voltages.The first path is separate, the second path is separate, the third path is parallel to the fourth path, can this be connected?

  • LTM4644


  • LTM4644 INTVCC pin

    I am using a LTM4644 and I would like to add the possibility to control the RUN pin to shut it down from an insulated circuit. For this reason I will add a ISO722x. 

    The question is if I can power the VCC2 of the ISO722x from the INTVCCX pin. Is this output…

  • LTM4644 enable problem

    1. In one of my project, I am using LTM4644 Step-Down Regulator for FPGA power. I give 5V power to Vin from power supply and I want to get 1V2 – 2V5 – 3V3 – 1V8 outputs; 5V is given to RUN1 – RUN2 – RUN3 – RUN4 pins from power supply. Third (3V3) and…

  • LTM4644 broken

    Hi sir,

    On my PCB board, I'm using two LTM4644 (totally 6 voltages levels output) to power on my main chipset

    first one has 3.3v(4A), 1.8v_1 (4A), , 1.5v(4A), 1.8v_2(4A)

    second one has  0.9(8A), 1.0(8A)

    and i'm using RUN and PGOOD to make the power…