• LTM4626/LTM4638 INTVcc

    It appears that the efficiency of LTM4626/LTM4638 is heavily affected by input voltage, supposedly due to the losses on internal LDO, generating INTVcc.

    Is there a way of bootstrapping the INTVcc pin - from the output of the device itself, or from an…

  • LTM4638 CLKOUT

    LTM4638 μModule Regulator: please let me know if the CLKOUT signal is active WHEN the RUN signal is low?

  • LTM4638 - Minimum switching frequency, free-running and with external sync

    I am looking at pg. 12 of the LTM4638 datasheet:


    There is a formula relating RFSET to free-running switching frequency. The claimed range (sentence below) is 400 kHz to 3…

  • LTM4638 Noise


    I want to ask a question about LTM4638.

    when I use LTM4638,my vin is 12V, Vout is 0.95V ,but I mesured much high frequency noise( about 280MHz) with the frequencyspectrograph,and this noise has influenced my 12V  power plane,so what can i do ?


  • LTM4638


  • POWER LTM4638

        • The data sheet only has an elevated frequency and a formula

        ,How to reduce the power(LTM4638) switch frequency??

  • Fab process


    I was wondering if you could provide the fab process used for the LTM4638 and LT3071 lines? I.e., CMOS, BiCMOS, GaAs, ect.

    Thank you 

  • RE: Spice model frequency limitation during system level PI Simulation activity

    Hi Santhoshkumar,

    The LTM4638 simulation is intended to simulate within the part's operating frequency range, from 400kHz to 3MHz (refer to datasheet).  Operation outside this range may not yield accurate results.

    For transient response, using the…

  • RE: LTM4637 negative output

    The maximum input voltage is 18V of LTM4630, so I don't think it is suitable for 12V input & -5V output(20A). In this case, I think it would be better to use two LTM4638 than two LTM4637, because LTM4638 is cheaper than LTM4637. Am I right ?

  • RE: LTM4620A Output Voltage Change Question

    Hi Damon,

    Yes, the LTM4638 Track/SS and FB will operate similarly.


    Tim K