• LTM4630 powerdown overshoot

    when I power down LTM4630 , there is a  overshoot

  • Power output of LTM4630-1


    I am using LTM4630-1 In my Design and it is set to give 0.95V as output.

    I checked Run voltage it is 1.6V and INTVCC it is 5V.

    But output of the LTM4630-1 is not 0.95V it is giving 5V.

    What might be the issue? Help me resolving the issue.


  • 使用两片LTM4630可以实现三路并联,另一路独立输出吗


  • RE: Unstable output of LTM4630

    this looks nearly the same (schematic and problem) that I am facing with an LTM4650. what was the fix here? 

  • about INTVCC of LTM4630?


    Recently I make LTM4630 to output 1V to FPGA VCCINT for 18A.During my design,I find a question about INTVCC with different connect between LTM4630fa datasheet and DS2081-a as following:

    the datgasheet tells that INTVCC should connect PGND ,but…

  • LTM4630 diffp diffn diffout

    what's meaning of diffp/diffn/diffout  matching like this ?      is the diffout  float  ok ?

  • LTM4630输出震荡

    我是按照手册中图24给的连接方法,对LTM4630两个通道进行并联输出,实现0.9V 36A的一个设计。具体见下图。

    其中INTVcc上并联对地的电容后来改成了2.2uF,且该引脚工作时电压正常为 5V。输出的 FPGA_0V9D2 还对地并联有 3 个 220uF 的贴片铝电解电容,还有若干 0.01uF-22uF 的陶瓷电容。Vaux_5V 是通过另外一个开关电路得到,工作正常。目前发现的问题是,Vin 加电 7V ,当输出电压逐渐达到 0.9V 之后就开始大幅震荡,最大超过2V。此时因为电压增高…

  • LTM4630电源模块在多路并联时在pcb设计时需要注意那些细节





  • RE: Question about LTM4653 simulation using Loop Compensation Design

    Dear dkb,

    Thank you for your reply.

    But I have some questions about your answers.

    Actually my customer's request get similar values both a result value of bode plot and stability value of Loop comp tap in LTPower Cad. 

    This is for using DCDC modeling…

  • RE: LTM4637 negative output

    The maximum input voltage is 18V of LTM4630, so I don't think it is suitable for 12V input & -5V output(20A). In this case, I think it would be better to use two LTM4638 than two LTM4637, because LTM4638 is cheaper than LTM4637. Am I right ?