• About LTM4628


    Would you please tell me the saturation current value of the inductance integrated into the LTM4628?
    I am considering using the LTM4628 in 4-PHASE (Vin = 24V, Vout = 5V / 6A).

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  • LTM4628 Vout

    Does the problem occur if the potential difference between vout1 and Vout2 is large?
    For example, Vout1 is the maximum output value, Vout2 is the minimum output value, and the frequency setting resistance value is Vout1.

  • LTM4628 Vout of +5.5V


    I plan to program LTM4628 to output +5.5V. 

    In the features section of the datasheet, it mentioned it can do so.

    However on the power module description section it can only provide precise output voltage up to 5Vdc.

    Kindly confirm if I can use…

  • Remote sense for LTM4628


    I'm looking at NOT using the Remote sense feature for a 5V VR from Linear Tech LTM4628.

    the datasheet specifies to GND the DIFFP when not used. What about DIFFN?

    do i connect to another pin in particular or float when NOT used?



  • LTM4628输入12V设置Vout1=0.85V,Vout2=5V,但是Vout2实际上输出11.54V(LTM4628 inputs 12V to set Vout1= 0.85v and Vout2=5V, but Vout2 actually outputs 11.54v )




  • Can LTM4628 support 24Vin and both 5V and 3.3V Vouts?


    My customer considering to use LTM4628 in their system.

    Their requirements are 24Vin , 5V with 4 A and 3.3V with 6A.

    In your datasheet , below application (Figure 32) is suggested, but when we do the simulation in LTSpice, we don't get simualtion…

  • LTM4628 inputs 12V to set Vout1= 0.85v and Vout2=5V, but Vout2 actually outputs 11.54V

    According to the relationship between output voltage and feedback resistance, I set the Vout1 = 0.85 V (Rfb1 = 144.96 KΩ), Vout2 = 5 V (Rfb2 = 8.25 KΩ ),  Rset = 143 KΩ . The input Voltage is 12V. The actual measured Vout1 was as expected,…

  • RE: AD9361发射


  • RE: How to calculate negative 5V's power comsumption?

    Hello Jim,

    I noted that 110mA is the quienscent current. Is there big difference between quienscent and the working current?

    Is it means that the +5V and -5V should have same current? Otherwise, if +5V can provide enough current and -5V can't, the parts…

  • RE: 一图解析 ADI 电源产品的发展趋势

    LTM4630 是一款双输出 18A 或单输出 36A 输出开关模式降压型 DC/DC μModuleRegistered (微型模块) 稳压器。封装中内置了开关控制器、功率 FET、电感器和所有的支持组件。LTM4630 可在一个 4.5V 至 15V 的输入电压范围内运作,支持两个输出电压范围均为 0.6V 至 1.8V (各由单个外部电阻器来设定) 的输出。该器件的高效率设计能够为每个输出提供 18A 的连续电流。仅需少量的输入和输出电容器。LTM4630 的引脚与 LTM4620 和 LTM4620A (双输出…