• LTM4626/LTM4638 INTVcc

    It appears that the efficiency of LTM4626/LTM4638 is heavily affected by input voltage, supposedly due to the losses on internal LDO, generating INTVcc.

    Is there a way of bootstrapping the INTVcc pin - from the output of the device itself, or from an…

  • LTM4626 operating frequency setting


    I don't unterstand the how to calculate Rfset to modify operating frequency.

    The datasheet gives with Rset connected between FREQ and GND :

    Does it mean 274KOhm in parallel with Rfset ?

    An other point is : on eval board, FREQ pin can be …

  • LTM4626 parallel model for LTpowerCAD


    Can I find the LTM4626 parallel model for LTpowerCAD?

    I would like to use it for the design.

    Thank you.

  • LTM4626 Output Noise

    Hi team

    I designed LTM4626 as the circuit attached.
    However, noise occurs in the output.
    Please check if there is any problem.




  • LTM4626 Simulation Help


    I'm trying to setup the LTM4626 circuit in LTSpice based on the Demo Board DC2665A-A. As you can see the PGOOD pin is tied to INTVCC through a 100K resistor.

    DC2665A-A Demo Schematic

    My LTSpice Schematic

    But when I simulate the above LTSpice…

  • Negative power of LTM4626

    hi team

    The circuit below is a circuit that uses LTspice to produce a negative voltage.

    LTspice's LTM4626 has SGND and PGND.
    However, the LTM4626 datasheet has one ground.
    Could you tell me the pin numbers of SGND and PGND?
    Because the value of pgood…

  • Strange behavior when simulating a circuit based on a LTM4626 device


    I am part of a design team to build an FPGA-based circuit board. For the power supplies, we especially use some Analog devices. One of them is a LTM4626 device.
    When simulating this device under LTSPICE, we observed an overshoot phenomenon as shown…

  • Output overvoltage protection for LTM4622 and LTM4626


    The customer face the output overvoltage issue of Enpirion EN2340. He said that the input and output were shorted and the load device was taken damage by the high voltage due to without the output overvoltage protection of EN2340.

    So I'll propose LTM4622…

  • DCM vs. CCM

    Hi all

    i want to use the LTM4626 buck regulator in my design. the device drives several LDOs and one of the mode of operation is to disable most of the LDOs and keep one LDO running. so in full power the load shall be around 5[A] and in low power mode…

  • LTM46XX 3d models


    Most of my customers who use umodules are interested in 3d models of umodules with complicated case shape like LTM4626, 4638, 4662. 

    Is it possible to get? 

    Best regards,