• LTM4625 Datasheet Bug


    I think that in the LTM4625 Rev. D datasheet the descriptions of Figure 22 and Figure 23 are swapped.



  • LTM4625 Power Good Indicator

    Page 2 of the LTM4625 datasheet, Rev. D, states that the Absolute Maximum Rating of the PGOOD signal is -0.3V to INTVcc.  Because the PGOOD signal is an open-drain output , as described on page 6, it seems to me that the Absolute Maximum Rating for the…

  • LTM4625's efficiency

    Hello ADI

    Could I know information of LTM4625?

    • Efficiency of LTM4625, at 12Vin 5Vout, Temp 70°C
    • Ripple Noise Voltage at Load 4A


  • LTM4625 Output Noise

    Hi team

    Two LTM4625s were designed as the circuit attached.
    The same circuit was used to apply to two models.
    I made the artwork as below.
    The circuit with the GND on the 1-Layer produces noise.
    The total number of floors is about 70 layers. 70-layer (about…

  • LTM4625 pre-biased to 5V - startup. Is that possible

    Our device must be powered by either the USB-C port (Vusb=5V) or an auxillary supply (Vaux=20V).

    We plan to use the LTM4625 to step down the auxillary voltage to the Vlocal=5V supply. The Vaux and Vusb may come on and off in any order.

    The diagram is…

  • LTM4625 overcurrent mode

    Hi Team,

    LTM4625: How should an over protection look like: would it be a hickup? a latch? for how long?

    Same with overtemp and over voltage.

    thanks for your quick reply,


  • Reverse current protection for disabled LTM4625?

    I'd like to use a LTM4657 to create a 3.3V rail from a 12V barrel jack.  This barrel jack supply might not exist, and the 3.3V might be created somewhere else.  I've tried to make it so the LTM4657 will bring RUN low when the barrel jack power supply…

  • LTM4625 TRACK/SS

    Question 1

     Can the LTM4625 TRACK/SS pin be used floating ?

     (Can it be used without connecting a capacitor ?)

     Figure 5. Example Schematic of Ratiometric Output Voltage Tracking in DataSheet LTM4625 (Rev D) the TRACK/SS pin is floating.

    Question 2


  • LTM4625 EMI

    Hello everyone:

                            I want to use LTM4625 as a core power module on my pcb , when I read the datasheet , I could not  find the EMI information of this module. I want to know is there any shielding layer inside the module?


  • LTM4625 comp FB管脚增加电容导致输出电压过大