• About Reliability Report for LTM4623


    The following items listed in the reliability report (R504) for LTM4623 were tested only for the LGA package type.

    I would like to know the test results in BGA package.

    Do you have a test report used BGA package? Or, can LGA test result (FAILURE…

  • LTM4623 how much current can I draw from INTVcc to the external circuit

    I'M a DFAE in Japan.

    My customer asked me how much current can he draw from INTVcc pin to the external circuit.

    would you inform it to us?

  • About overcurrent protection of LTM4623


    Which of the attached figures is the operation of LTM4623 during overcurrent protection?
    If there is a waveform of the overcurrent protection operation of LTM4623, I want it.

    best regard


  • LTM4623 Multiphase Operation


    I am using two LTM4623 DC converters that share the same VIN [5V]. This VIN is coming from an output of another wide input Buck DC converter (1st Stage) that is taking a 36V and transforming it to 5V.

    So the LTM4623 share the same VIN=5V rail:

  • LTM4623 LGA footprint

    I downloaded the tm46xx_series_cad_symbols_and_footprints zip file which contained footprints for the LTM4623.  When I look at the file for the PADs footprint, it is called "LTM4623 BGA 05-12-1949.pcb".  However the file itself says that it is…

  • LTM4623 power supply spur problem

    1.When using the LTM4623, some power supplies have a spurious signal of about 15 kHz, except for the 2 MHz switching frequency signal, as shown in Figure 1. Some power supplies did not appear, as shown in Figure 2.How to eliminate it?
    2. The ground via…

  • RE: two LTM4623 in parallel gives ripple?

    Hi Samuel

    While putting two LTM4623 in parallel, what if I connect the CLKOUT of first to CLKIN of the next but do not connect any external CLK to CLKIN of first LTM4623?

    Would I still be able to achieve parallel load sharing? And LTM4623 in LTPowerCad…

  • RE: Power components together in a system

    I can't see the file the I uploaded.  I'll try here with a shorter version in case the file was too large.


  • RE: LTC2975 controlling LTM4644

    Thanks Mike.

    I set up LTpowerPlay to respond to Command ON / OFF and ignore all faults.  When I turn ON a channel and click "Why am I OFF", LTpowerPLAY can't tell me a possible reason.  I assume this means it has released VOUT_EN to be pulled…

  • LTM4622 EMI/EMC performance

    Hello all

    We have a point of load application (12V to 5V / 3A max) where LTM4623 would be excellent, except for the current / wattage capability (derating is required). So we are considering the LTM4622 in which is capable to deliver 5A max. but we are…