• LTM4622A PGOOD pin

    Hi ,

    I would like to ask about the PGOOD pin.

    Now, I am designing LTM4622AEV#PBF in a parallel mode Vin 12 V Vout 5.7 V Iout 4 A.

    In datasheet, I found PGOOD pin in the simplified circuit has resistor pull up to INTVCC pin.

    Is it able to use the resistor…

  • LTM4622 & LTM4622A output voltage range


    I'm having a specific question regarding the output voltage range  of the said parts. According the datasheet : 

    LTM4622 output voltage range can go from 0.6 to 5.5V 

    LTM4622A output voltage range can go from 1.5 to 12V 

    My issue is that I used a…

  • ltm4622a


    Is there anybody who can give me some clues on the questions below? Thanks in advance.

    (1) The minimum output voltage of LTM4622A is 1.5V. Can it output 1.2V ?

    (2) If we replace the 40.2k resistor with 60.4k, can Vout1 output 1.2V?

    If so, what…

  • LTM4622A parallel combination issue

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Please find the attached schematic for your reference.

    Input Voltage: 16VDC

    Output Voltage Required: 12VDC/4A

    I have designed a schematic as per figure No: 28 in the LTM4622A datasheet.

    But when I connect the input supply, it get burned…

  • LTM4622A voltage regulation

    I'm having trouble getting the LTM4622A to regulate at the right voltage. It's putting out about 2.9V rather than the expected 5V. It's set up in the following way:

    Parallel operation
    Input: 10V (going to all VIN pins)
    Desired output: 5V (both…

  • Questions about LTM4622A

    Hi AD team, please answer the following questions:

    1. The LTM4622A datasheet says (in the Description section):

    Fault protection features include input overvoltage, output overcurrent and overtemperature protection.

    However, no explanation is given…

  • RE: can not shutdown output from LTM4622 by pin RUN

    thanks, ron.p, for your input. 

    Actually, I already put a constant load for the output of 3.3V, 150ohm. still have the voltage forever. 

    I change the mode to burst, and operation frequency to 2Mhz, but still there is 0.46V 'leaking' voltage' 

  • LTM6622A: Second-Stage Filter for Switching Noise?


    I'm implementing the LTM4622A with a combined 7V output and 2.2 MHz switching frequency.

    To further reduce some expected high-frequency switching noise, what is the recommended approach for attenuation to < 1 mVpp, while also preserving…

  • LTM4622 Datasheet Typing Error

    Dear All:

    I check LTM4622A Datasheet  Page 19 Table 5 & Table 6 to comparison Page 18 Figure 21~Figure 23 in conclusion Table 5 Vin need show 12V ,Table 6 Vin need show 16V .It's need to update datasheet , Thanks

    LTM4622A Datasheet:www.analog…

  • RE: There are terrible noise (sine wave) on the AD5560 FORCE OUTPUT while operating

    If you can check the outputs of the LTM4622A and the rails look fine (ie stable switching) then maybe the issue is not related to the LTM4622A. You may also check LTM4622A design in LTpowerCAD to estimate if the loop has sufficient stability margins.