• LTM4622

    I am looking to use this device for dual output of 5V at 2A and 1V at 2A.   Is it possible to have that high a range in the two outputs?  I see a note in page 9 of the datasheet that says "For output voltages between 2.5V and 5.5V, an external resistor…

  • RE: LTM4622 Datasheet Typing Error

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am working on getting the datasheet updated to fix these errors.



  • LTM4622 Negative Output

    Is it possible for LTM4622 to generate negative output? Just like the one described in LTM8025 or LTM8065 datasheets (attached)?

    Thank you.

  • ltm4622


    It is regarding the LTM4622EV#PBF.

    Any information on the enable current for RUN1 & RUN2 input pins and leakage current for PGOOD1 and PGOOD2 open drain pins? Seems like not stated on the datasheet.



  • LTM4622 Soft Start Capacitor Sizing

    I have an LTM4622 configured to provide 1.8 and 5.2 V out from 12 V in. When I used 0.1 uF caps on each of the TRACK/SS pins, I saw a soft start time of 400 us, the internal default. I would expect to see about 42 ms. When I replaced the caps with 0.047…

  • LTM4622 Overcurrent protection


    Customers are considering using LTM 4622.
    So I got a question.

    # 1  What is the value of the output overcurrent protection when using 1ch with 2ch at LTM 4622 (VIN = 12V, Vout = 3.3V) ?
           (In the case of 1 ch, is it correct with 4 A (typ) Output  Current…

  • LTM4622 INTVcc details

    I noticed in several of the application examples INTVcc is used to power supporting circuitry (specifically oscillator distribution).

    1) If I was to use this power for a similar purpose, what is a reasonable current It can provide? (the data sheet implies…

  • controller wrapped in LTM4622

    Hi, we are using LTM4622 in our system. it works very well.

    however, our customer has used it in new eqippments which requires a wider input voltage range.

    Can we use it in 24V power system?

    What's the controller within module LTM4622?

    have a good…

  • RE: The behavior of the PGOOD pin of LTM4622

    Hi Takahiro,

    When Run2 is pulled low, the LTM4622 is designed to pull PGood2 low even if Vout2 is still within 8% of the regulation point. I have confirmed this on the demo board.

    I will let the LTspice team know that the simulation is not behaving properly…

  • LTM4622 x-ray different

    Good day,

               Below are the x-ray photos of LTM4622 taken in 2018 and 2020. Seems quite different, can you advice what's changed and do we need to modify the design if we contiune to use this part. Thank you so much.