• ltm4622


    It is regarding the LTM4622EV#PBF.

    Any information on the enable current for RUN1 & RUN2 input pins and leakage current for PGOOD1 and PGOOD2 open drain pins? Seems like not stated on the datasheet.



  • Maximum Output capacitance limit for LTM4622

    I am planning to use LTM4622 to power the 1.2V core of smartfusion2 FPGA ( M2S005). As per recommendation I am using 1.1mF total capacitance at the core supply section. Please suggest me whether the LTM4622 is capable of starting with 1.1mF capacitance…

  • LTM4622 Frequency Tolerance

    When setting the operating frequency of the LTM4622, what is tolerance of the resulting frequency?

  • LTM4622 EMI/EMC performance

    Hello all

    We have a point of load application (12V to 5V / 3A max) where LTM4623 would be excellent, except for the current / wattage capability (derating is required). So we are considering the LTM4622 in which is capable to deliver 5A max. but we are…

  • Minimum load requirement for LTM4622

    Is there a minimum load requirement for the LTM4622? We are using this with a 12V input and output of 1V and 1.8V, running this in external sync mode.

  • LTM4622 Negative Output

    Is it possible for LTM4622 to generate negative output? Just like the one described in LTM8025 or LTM8065 datasheets (attached)?

    Thank you.

  • RE: LTM4622 parallel output simulation


    From pg 14 in the LTM4622 datasheet: 

    "The LTM4622 accomplishes this by forcing discontinuous mode (DCM) operation until the TRACK/SS pin voltage reaches 0.6V reference voltage. This will prevent the BG from turning on during the pre-biased output…

  • LTM4622 Schematic help review

    Hi there,

    we newly import LTM4622 into our project for the frst time. To be careful, we would like to ask for asisting review. Insight of LT/ADI expert will be appreciated. .

    SCH as PDF attached, and Load conditions are text-noted nearby the output port…

  • RE: LTM4622 INTVCC 3.3 output current

    Hi Huashen

    Please note the part operating range is only –40°C to 125°C. Going beyond these limits would not guaranty the proper operation of the part
    www.analog.com/.../ltm4622.pdf   Pg 2
    Regards ,
  • LTM4622 current into RUN


    Could you please let me know the best conducting current at high level of RUN starting up LTM4622 ?

    How is the tolerant of the current to start up?