• Problems with LTM4620A


    we have designed a supply system for a FPGA with the LTM4620A power module, for generating a output reference of 0.95V / 26A with the parallel mode (both outputs are tied together) from a 12V input source. The circuit is showed in the image below…

  • LTM4620A minimum Vin


    We would like to use a LTM4620A in our design powered from a nominal 5V Vin. This device has minimum Vin of 4.5V but is this still valid when using INTVcc? Or will device internal power need to be provided on EXTVcc pin?

  • LTM4620A Output Voltage Change Question

    hi team

    A circuit diagram was designed using LTspice, as shown in the attached picture.
    When the voltage on the TK/SS pin changes, so does the output voltage.
    Can you explain what the problem is?
    The circuit diagram did not observe the reference,
    Is there…

  • LTM4620A与LTM4620V怎样选择




  • LTM4620A temperature measurement not being used.

    Is it possible to connect J6 (TEMP) to GND or leave it floating? Should be ok, if it is just connected to a (PNP) diode internally, but all of the examples use a resistor to Vin to set an appropriate current, despite the temperature measurement never…

  • NEED HELP FOR LTM4620A (5V/25A)


     We are using above circuit for 5V/25A.

    Above circuit is it working ? or any changes require?

    can you give me feedback

  • LTM4620A的最高输出电压

    我想问一下,有没有用过LTM4620A出5.3V电压的呢,我用LTpowerCAD II做参考设计只能出5.2V最高的电压。但是datasheet说可以出5.3V,不知道我出5.3V有没有风险,希望有明白的朋友给点建议。谢谢~

  • LTM4620A input supply current when it use single 26A output?

    LTM4620A : 5V ==> 4V@26A 

    I want to know about input supply current of LTM4620A for singe 26A ouput.

    In datasheet, input supply current is 

    S(VIN) Input Supply Current VIN = 5V, VOUT = 1.5V, IOUT = 13A ==> 4.6A (typ)

                                                 VIN = 12V…

  • RE: Reg : LTM4620AIY Buck converter switching frequency issue

    Hello Arun,

    130kHz is too low for the internal PLL of LTM4620A, hence I suspect you do see something different on your output pin. Please deliver schematic and waveform window from oscilloscope. State which load currents have been used for your testing…

  • LTM4676A output voltage setting

    Hello Analog experts,

    I used LTM4620A in my last design but now I want to use LTM4676A because it has wider input voltage range. Output voltage of LTM4676A can be set either with PMBUS or by PIN Strapping. I want to use PIN Strapping for setting the…