• Problems with LTM4620A


    we have designed a supply system for a FPGA with the LTM4620A power module, for generating a output reference of 0.95V / 26A with the parallel mode (both outputs are tied together) from a 12V input source. The circuit is showed in the image below…

  • LTM4620A minimum Vin


    We would like to use a LTM4620A in our design powered from a nominal 5V Vin. This device has minimum Vin of 4.5V but is this still valid when using INTVcc? Or will device internal power need to be provided on EXTVcc pin?

  • LTM4620A Output Voltage Change Question

    hi team

    A circuit diagram was designed using LTspice, as shown in the attached picture.
    When the voltage on the TK/SS pin changes, so does the output voltage.
    Can you explain what the problem is?
    The circuit diagram did not observe the reference,
    Is there…

  • LTM4620A与LTM4620V怎样选择




  • LTM4620A temperature measurement not being used.

    Is it possible to connect J6 (TEMP) to GND or leave it floating? Should be ok, if it is just connected to a (PNP) diode internally, but all of the examples use a resistor to Vin to set an appropriate current, despite the temperature measurement never…

  • NEED HELP FOR LTM4620A (5V/25A)


     We are using above circuit for 5V/25A.

    Above circuit is it working ? or any changes require?

    can you give me feedback

  • LTM4620A的最高输出电压

    我想问一下,有没有用过LTM4620A出5.3V电压的呢,我用LTpowerCAD II做参考设计只能出5.2V最高的电压。但是datasheet说可以出5.3V,不知道我出5.3V有没有风险,希望有明白的朋友给点建议。谢谢~

  • LTM4620A input supply current when it use single 26A output?

    LTM4620A : 5V ==> 4V@26A 

    I want to know about input supply current of LTM4620A for singe 26A ouput.

    In datasheet, input supply current is 

    S(VIN) Input Supply Current VIN = 5V, VOUT = 1.5V, IOUT = 13A ==> 4.6A (typ)

                                                 VIN = 12V…

  • RE: Reg : LTM4620AIY Buck converter switching frequency issue

    Hello Arun,

    130kHz is too low for the internal PLL of LTM4620A, hence I suspect you do see something different on your output pin. Please deliver schematic and waveform window from oscilloscope. State which load currents have been used for your testing…

  • LTM4620 POWER GOOD abnormal behavior!

    Hello I am so glad that now also linear is part of Analog Devices and I can ask my question in this good community.

    In our custom board we used LTM4620A for 3.8V and 2.3V output. both output voltages are good without any problem. Power Good of channel…