• LTM4620温度问题


  • LTM4620 output On the high side

    Schematic design LTM4620 dual output 1.2V and 0.9V, 12V input.However, the design output of 0.9V reaches 1.6V. I guess whether the 120K resistance setting of Fset pin is too high.Because the manual suggests that the resistance should be set a little smaller…

  • LTM4620 Model for Vdroop simualtion


    Is the LTM4620 PMU model available for Voltage droop simulation. Thanks.  

  • LTM4620 thermal parameter measurement details.


    I am using the LTM4620A Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Regulator and am trying to do a thermal simulation using the 2 resistor thermal parameters specified on page 2 of the datasheet:

    Unfortunately, my simulation is showing much higher…

  • LTM4620 POWER GOOD abnormal behavior!

    Hello I am so glad that now also linear is part of Analog Devices and I can ask my question in this good community.

    In our custom board we used LTM4620A for 3.8V and 2.3V output. both output voltages are good without any problem. Power Good of channel…

  • Question of Track pin in LTM4620

    Hi team

    It will be designed using LTM4620.
    Track1, Track2.
    Can these two pins change the output voltage?
    It is known to be involved in output slope.
    I want to know how to change the output voltage using track pins.



  • LTM4620 双通道输出0.95V原理图

    我们设计的LTM4620 双通道输出0.95V,调试中出现问题,输出电压不对而且不稳定,反馈电压也不能稳在0.6V。设计是依据LTpowerCAD选的外围阻容型号,目前不确定是否连接关系有错,请提供一张原理图。(LTM4620 双通道输出1.8V是正常的,反馈电压0.6V)

  • 求LTM4620 双通道输出0.95V原理图

    我们设计的LTM4620 双通道输出0.95V,调试中出现问题,输出电压不对而且不稳定,反馈电压也不能稳在0.6V。设计是依据LTpowerCAD选的外围阻容型号,目前不确定是否连接关系有错,请提供一张验证过的原理图。(我们同样设计LTM4620 双通道输出1.8V是正常的,反馈电压0.6V)

  • 计算DCDC如LTM4620的输出电容时,是否要包含布局在用电芯片如fpga附近的bulk电容?



  • RE: about LTM4633 and LTM4602


    Regarding to question 2) About LTM4620

    LTM4620 is internally compensated. The external 2x0.1uF would affect the stability of the control loop. Please remove them.

    If high frequency attenuation need, pF level capacitor can be connected to this COMP…