• LTM4613 Input Bulk Capacitor Requirement


    I will use LTM4613 in my design. Input voltage is about 28V, output is 12V. The system need about 3A from 12V.

    Because of mechanical contraints I can't use 100uF input bulk capacitor. Instead of bulk capacitor, can i use multiple 10uF ceramic or…

  • LTM4613 simulation and efficiency


    I was trying to simulate the efficiency characteristics of LTM4613 . For this purpose I tried using  LTpower CAD tool for which there was an excel tool available for LTM4613.

    After entering my requirements,  i clicked on ""Port to LTspice"" which resulted…

  • LTM4613 input ripple reduction


    in my application I am using two  LTM4613  DC -DC converters.

    Input source for LTM463s are shared from a 28V battery supply. The same battery source also powers our power amplifier PA.

    When we tested with EVM of LTM4613 we could observe 100mV p-p ripples…

  • LTM4613 for MIL-STD-461E qualification

    I went through the datasheet and application notes of LTM4613 and found that it is promising candidate for application which require radiated EMI qualification.

    Our application required MIL-STD-461E qualification.

    Can I use this device for such an application…

  • LTM4613 SYNC operation of two devices


    In Figure 23 of datasheet of LTM4613, a 2-phase oscillator is used for syncing the two devices.

    Why should I feed a 180 Deg phase shifted signal to the second device?


    Vishnu R

  • How many are LTM4613 paralleled ?


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. I have a question by our customer. How many are LTM4613 paralleled ? I think it is unlimited. Is it correct ?



  • LTM4613 Simulation to reduce Quiescent Current



    LTM4613_Tracking.rar My VIN range for  LTM4613 is 22V- 34V. In such a case I expect power loss during low current operation due to quiescent current. In order to avoid the loss i use an LTC3245 charge pump to generate 5V for powering DRVcc. 

    1. Is…

  • Thermal issue DC1743A EVM for LTM4613

    I was trying to Experiment with DC1743A EVM for LTM4613

    For 5V , 6 Amp Load I observe a power dissipation of 3W on LTM4613

    SL NO LOAD(ohms) VOLTAGE(Vin) CURRENT(Iin) POWER in OBSERVED VOLTAGE(Vout) Iout(A) POWER out TEMP efficiency(ƞ) Power dissipa…
  • [Urgent] Unexpected error in LTM4613 parallel operation


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer is reviewing unexpected error in LTM4613 parallel operation like Figure 21 on D/S. Because LTM4613 is burned under their evaluation. Could you please let me know what happen if the pin is opened ? 

    Assume that only…

  • The output current of two paralleled LTM4613 not meet the specification

    I used two paralleled LTM4613 in my design. The circuit is same as figure 21 in the LTM4613 datasheet. The input is 28V, while the output is 12V.

    But The output current of two paralleled LTM4613 not meet the specification. The two paralleled LTM4613 could…