• ltm4607

    Planing to use a pair of lt4607 parts in a new design. One to generate +17v from +12v in. The other part to generate -17V from +12V in.

    I have tested using the dc1198B demo board in both cases and all seems fine.

    I wanted to check if there was any more…

  • LTM4607


    We are using the LTM4607 on one of our designs. 24V input, 14V output (up to 7A load). Finished bring-up, everything worked very well on five boards. 

    Got a new batch of PCBs (no design change vs old batch). The PS does not respond at all, No 14V…

  • ltm4607

    I am using ltm4607 in 2 designs

    +12v to +17v   


    +12v to -17v

    Attempting to use LTPowerCAD to select Inductor and Rsense values.

    First problem is that LTPowerCAD only supports the +17V output.  Can I use the values suggested in my -17v output design as…

  • LTM4607 burns out


    We have designed a power circuit for our application. For 24V/0.5A we've used LTM4607 regulator with 9V to 30V input. But we had some problems:
    When input voltage is 9V - everything is OK. 12V, 24V, 27V - same. But if we start raising voltage…

  • LTM4607 Thermal resistance


    I'm using an LTM4607 in my design, and I need to know the thermal resistance jc of this component in order to calculate the ambient temperature at could be exposed the pcb.

    What is the Theta-jc value for the LTM4607?

    Thank you

  • ltm4607 inverting mode snubbing circuit

    Hi I want to add snubbing circuit to LTM4607 regulator being used in inverting mode.

    in normal non-inverting mode an rc  is placed between SW1 and Vout pin. Is this still the case in inverting mode, when the vout pin is actually connected to ground ?


  • LTM4607使用问题





  • reliability data explanation?

    hello, I download LTM4607 datasheet and reliability report but I can't understand  meaning of partial of reliability report.

    for example what's meaning of  "oldest and newest data code" "K device cycles" "K device hrs" and .. …

  • RE: Looking SEPIC DC/DC & USB sink

    LTM4607 is way too fancy for me.

  • RE: ltm4607iv#pbf output capacitor blown

    Hi Fil,

    thanks for the reply, 

    attached is part of our schematic that i can share, for one of the 2xltm4607 in 2-phase parallel configuration circuit in our pcb.