• LTM2889

    1.The LTM2889-5 chip manual indicates that the VCC2 port can generate a current of 150mA.Is the current the output current obtained by removing the current required by the internal device? 2.According to the internal structure diagram of LTM2889-5, it…

  • LTM2889-5



  • Placement of 2 LTM2889


    I am doing a layout PCB with 2 LTM2889. I followed the layout recommendation but because of lack of space, I place the LTM2889 facing each other one in the top layer and the other in the bottom layer.
    Could this generate problems of noise? Or is…

  • RE: CAN FD on ADM3054 transceiver?

    Hi farah.mim,

    The ADM3054 is not a CAN FD isolated transceiver. The top speed is 1Mbps. 

    Check out the ADM3055E for CAN FD up to 12Mbps


    Or the LTM2889 for CAN FD up to 4Mbps




  • Isolated interface chip with power supply

    The LTM2889-3 is suitable for my requirements, but the BGA package is not conducive to small-scale production. Is it possible to recommend SPI isolation with a powered isolation chip? The final implementation of isolated CAN. My 5v power supply is used…

  • RE: ADM3053 interface protection

    Hi lijie, 

    I did some asking around and unfortunately did not find external components that have been evaluated specifically with the ADM3053. I can point to the LTC2875 datasheet, section "Auxiliary Protection for IEC Surge, EFT and ESD" for general guidance…

  • RE: ADM3056EBRIZ - Isolated Power for VDD2

    Hi Selvaraj, 

    If there is not power available on the bus side, then an isolated power supply from the logic side will need to be provided. 

    The ADM3055E and ADM3057E have an integrated isolated dc/dc converter to supply the CAN FD transceiver. When there…

  • RE: ADM3053 baud rate problem

    Hi lijie, 

    I would expect the protection components would not interfere with communication. But this list of protection components form the LTC2875 datasheet have not been tested with the ADM3053 transceiver. The two transceivers are different, and these…

  • RE: IBIS model for for "LTM2889IY-3

    I have attached an IBIS model for the LTM2889.

    Best regards,


  • RE: VCC power supply for ADM3053

    Hi lijie,

    The ADM3053 has two separate supply pins, VCC and VIO. The VIO pin supplies the signal isolation. The VIO pin can be powered with either 3.3V or 5.0V. The signal logic levels will scale with the supply voltage. The VCC pin is the supply for…