• ltm2881-3

    该芯片 没有5V输出,隔离前端输入正常,ON使能也拉高,但没有5v的输出.

  • LTM2881 & LTM2882 EMI ISSUE

    Dear FAE,

    At present, designed two product:USB/RS232 and USB/RS422, selected ADI chips: LTM2881 & LTM2882,

    SCH and PCB design are basically based on the recommended design of LTM2881 & LTM2882,

    EMI prescan has been preliminarily carried out.…

  • LTM2881 & LTM2882 EMI _RE ISSUE

    Dear FAE: 

    目前有兩款產品:USB/RS232 & USB/RS422選用的ADI芯片(LTM2881 & LTM2882),

    已初步進行EMI Prescan,初步確認在300Mhz~600Mhz,RE(Radiated Emission)測試超限較多,初步排查和LTM2881 & LTM2882模塊關聯較大.

    目前SCH及PCB設計也基本是參照LTM2881 & LTM2882的推薦設計. 想請幫忙確認一下是否有了解是否有了解LTM2881 & LTM…

  • LTM2881 and LTM2882 in Space Applications


    We are considering using the LTM2881 and LTM2882 in a space application for RS-232 and RS-422 communications.

    Does this sound like a good idea?

    Do you have any radiation or vacuum concerns about this chip?

    Does it have any space heritage that you know…

  • ltm2881-3 VCC2无输出



     但是VCC2一直无输出。  请问是什么原因。


  • LTM2881 layout for 8-layer PCB

    We are designing PCB with LTM2881 for isolated RS485 application.
    The number of layers is 8.

    I found PCB layout considerations for 4-layer one on datasheet page 16.

    For large ground planes a small capacitance (≤ 330pF) from GND to GND2, either discrete…

  • Fully Isolated RS-485 bus - LTM2881-3


    I am interested in the LTM2881-3 isolated RS-485 transceiver.  The typical application circuit on page 24 of the datasheet (also attached) shows the isolated RS-485 bus being completely isolated on all nodes.  What keeps the isolated part of the bus…

  • LTM2881-3 的5V没有输出

    LTM2881-3芯片,输入3.3v,且使能信号ON已经连上3.3V上,但5V的却没有输出? 是怎么回事

  • 高速隔离 485收发器 LTM2881-3


  • LTM2881 abnormal output signal from receiver output during open input line

    Hello all,

    I have question about LTM2881. When I open the input signal line of receiver, the output signal from receiver output doesn't fixed High level. The schematic is following in this case.

    The normal output signal is following.

    And the abnormal…