• ad7606 input BW of AA filter


     Find that ad7606 input BW has big difference between range in 5V(15Khz) and 10V(23Khz),  why input range affect the input BW? It will affect the phase for some fast change in slow signal.



  • ADAS3022 overvoltage protection, AA Filter, settling spec

    I have a few questions with regard to the ADAS3022 device.

    1. I would like to add over-voltage protection resistor to each multiplexer input. In order to determine the resistor power dissipation can you provide the 

        maximum continuous current the multiplexer…

  • ltc6803-1 self test and clear in STCVAD command

    hello ADI,

    i'm currently testing LTC6803-1 with Arduino, i'm having 2 chips in daisy chain, each chip is connected with 4 x 3.6v battery.

    For software i'm using the LTC Linduino example code, and i'm trying to extend it a little bit with other…

  • RE: ADF5356 fast lock

    Hello Alex

    My e-mail is renald.vergnault@aa-mcs.com<mailto:renald.vergnault@aa-mcs.com>


    Rénald VERGNAULT

    AA MCS - www.aa-mcs.com<http://www.aa-mcs.com/>

    AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC - www.aaoptoelectronic.com<http://www.aaoptoelectronic…

  • 2009-01-26 13:20:09     i2c_smbus_write_block_data sends and extra byte

    2009-01-26 13:20:09     i2c_smbus_write_block_data sends and extra byte

    ian davidson (UNITED KINGDOM)

    Message: 68355   

    I've installed an I2c driver, detected the client, checked its functionality, and attached the client, alll well and good.

    In the…

  • AD9467 and AXI DMA

    Hey Guys,

    I'm getting some strange behaviour using AXI DMA to retrieve continuous samples from the AD9467 on the Zedboard.



         HW: ZedBoard Rev D, AD9467

         Linux source: xcomm_zynq branch of the ADI Linux sources …

  • RE: 外设监视窗口不能反映寄存器真实内容


    JLINKARM_ReadMem (0xFFFFF420, 0x004D Bytes, ...) -- ReadRemote(77 bytes @ 0xFFFFF420) -- Abort occured --




  • RE: ADM3251通信不正确


  • ADIS16209数据读取不出来,使用示波器测量波形MOSI有输出


    #define ADIS16209_SCLK PBout(3)
    #define ADIS16209_CS PBout(4)
    #define ADIS16209_RST PBout(5)
    #define ADIS16209_MOSI PBout(6)
    #define ADIS16209_MISO PBin(7)

    //SPI1 读写一个字节

    void SendByte(uint8_t byte)
    uint8_t i=0;

  • Multibyte data transfer SPI mode not working in AD9174

    Hello, I am using AD9174 evaluation board to test my SPI control program in NCO-only mode. After following the start-up sequence I am writing only the following set of registers of a main NCO to change the frequency (sample data values for 2 GHz output…