• RE: LTC7871 High FET loss calculation?


    The "t" in the above equation was placed there by mistake. A correct version of the equation can be found in the LTC7872 data sheet. The LTC7872 is a 4-phase version of the LTC7871. This equation is inserted below.

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  • RE: 36V and 48V battery based buck boost solution

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    Pease take a look at LTC7871 (6-phase), LTC7872 (4-phase) or LT8228 (single phase with MOSFET failure protection). VLOW on the LTC7871 and LTC7872 can go to 60V. VLOW on the LT8228 can go to 100V. Another possibility is the LT8708. It is a 4…

  • LTC7871 or similar: Higher voltages

    Is there anything similar to the LTC7871/72 that can handle higher Vhigh voltages? I am trying to find a solution to boost the Vhigh voltage to about 120V.

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    If you receive a Cannot load COM module error message when trying to install a driver for a demo board using QuikEval, the following locations can be used to manually install the COM module. After downloading the module, run the installer and the software…

  • RE: Cannot load COM Module

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    Thanks for this. I just copy paste the info here below to close this thread. 

    Part Number DC Board Number Class ID Url
    ADL5920 EvalADL5920 D5596 ltspice.analog.com/.../ins5596.msi
    LT3964 DC2424A D3964 ltspice.analog.com/.../ins3964.…