• RE: LTC7871 used as a two-phase controller


    Yes, the LTC7871 can be used as a dual phase converter. To configure the LTC7871 for a dual phase converter follow the steps below:

    1. Stuff components for phases 1 & 2 for 0° / 180° phase separation.
    2. For phases 3 – 6:
      1. Tie the SNSA…
  • LTC7871 High Power parallel function


    For 36V~70V to 12V/250A high power application.

    Is there any parallel function reference design or demo board files for LTC7871 ?

    Could you kindly share sch and pcb files with me?

    Thanks a lot.

  • LTC7871 buck-boost converter design problem and high voltage high power DC-DC boost converter design help

    Hi. First of all, I am an undergraduate 3rd-year student who takes Electrical Power Engineering and I had given a task from my supervisor to design a DC-DC converter to step up 72V DC to 96V DC with a constant output current of 50A which is so complex…

  • RE: LTC3871

    Hello David,

    Answers to your questions are below:

    1. The LTC3871 can operate as a boost charger, but an external MCU or other external components will be required to drive the SETCUR and BUCK pins. The SETCUR pin controls the low side current while the BUCK…