• LTC7862 Current Limit Level


    LTC7862 limits the current about 30mV. Datasheet says it must be around 50mV. I think there is a problem with Ltspice model. 

    Could you please fix it ? 

    Check here also ;

     LTC7862 Current Threshold 

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  • RE: LTC7862 Current Threshold

    Hi KAYDIN556,

    An updated LTC7862 model is now available in LTspice library.
    Please perform a Sync Release to update your library.

    Here's a basic test I did. It shows that the Vsense max is set at 50mV.

  • RE: LTC7862 Gate Current

    Hi jamiryo,

    Sorry for late reply. I hope you got other source to answer your question. In the datasheet, I can only find 20A application so I don't think we have tested a board that designed for 60A continuous. Because the power components are external…

  • LTC7862 fails and TG pin does not get driven to VIN +DRVCC

    We are seeing the LTC7862 break to two scenarios

    1. If we increse the voltage to a steady voltage above the Vclamp threshold and allow the LTC7862 to switch to the end of the TMR peroid then re-start after the cooldown period and continue cycling around…

  • RE: LTC7862 fails when over 50V is applied

    We think the damage problem was solved by adding the 1nF cap between the SW and TG pins ( as close to the chip as possible ).  This compensated for parasitic gate capacitance of the large FETs we used that was coupling the surge voltage onto the gate and…

  • RE: Use LTC7862 as surge stopper and pass MIL-STD-1275D

    Hi Kurk, Do you have any example to extend the input range of LTC7862 ? Any drawings will be useful for me.

  • LTC7862, GaN FET

    Hi Analog,

    Due to size constraints, we would like to use a GaN FET with the LTC7862. The gate drive voltage will be set to 6V via the DRVUV pin. The FET I would like to use has a recommended Vgs of 5V. Would a 5V gate Zenner be enough to safely clamp the…

  • LTC7862 is distorted


    I am using LTC7862 to make surge stopper. My circuit schematics attached. 

    LTC7862 is distorted over 34 volts supply voltage. Can you see something wrong on the schematics?

    What do you suggest? Thanks..

  • LTC7862 LTSpice simulation for higher ambient temperatures

    I'm trying to run the LTSpice default example jig for the LTC7862 and adding a ".temp 85" directive to try and simulate the circuit under 85C ambient temperature.  Running the simulation causes the output to collapse at around 11ms.  Is there…

  • LTC7862

    Is the spice model available yet?