• LTC7841 LTspice support


    What about LTspice support for LTC7841?

    I can`t find any models in LTspice installation and LTC7841 product page.
    Export from LTpowerCAD II to LTspice not work also...

    -- Regards


  • LTC3784 (LTC7841, etc.) Boost Capacitor value

    Dear Sirs

    Datasheets for LTC3784 (p.23)  and (at least) LTC7841 (p. 31) have note

    " The value of the boost capacitor CB needs to be 100 times that of the total input capacitance of the topside MOSFET(s)."

    But on all application schematic`s 0…

  • RE: Boost controller with programable output voltage

    Hi T-yoshi,

    LTC7841 is a good candidate for your application. It has PMBus interface. Another boost controller with PMBus is LTC7880. 

    Meanwhile, we have several analog boost controllers like LTC3784.

    Best regards,