• RE: Efficiency of LTC7821

    We do not recommend LTC7821 for this application since it is too marginal. The max doable Vo is Vin/2-2.5V. At 48Vin, the max Vo is 21.5V which is very close to 20V. If there is tolerance for 48V input (e.g. min Vin is 40V), it does not work at all.

  • RE: Request the schematic review with LTC7820s & LTC7821s

    Hi Se-woong,

    Sorry for very late reply. I hope you found support earlier. As disty FAE, you have an exclusive access to ADI’s Central Applications (CAC) and we would appreciate you using your direct support rather than posting questions onto EZ. Most…

  • Request a Schematic Review with LTC7821 and LTC7820

    My customer request their schematic with LTC7821 and LTC782049.

    Would you check their schematic and let me know  your opinions?

       They use BSC027N06LS5, BSC067N06LS3G ,BSC032N04LS, BSC014N04LSI.

       And they want to get your check about above using above MOSFETs…

  • RE: Request the review of LTC7821 simulation


    Would you check this opp. and let me know your opinions?

    My customer is waiting your answer about 2 weeks.



  • LTC7821 Vin ABS rating


    We have design ADM1272 + LTC7821 for 54V to 12V/900W application.

    since our system was hotswapable, so it may have negative voltage at the LTC7821 input. but that the Vin absolute maximum rating of LTC7821 is only -0.3V~80V in datasheet.

     because we…

  • LTC7821 bode plot issue


    I have use 4 phase LTC7821 for 1.2KW design(like DC2787A). now I would like to check bode plot, but I can't get phase margin in the bode plot at 0A/50A/100A(E-LOAD).

    I also measure two different group with the same issue.

    So I would like to ask…

  • LTC7821 frequency range and tolerance


    I have a frequency range and tolerance question about LTC7821.

    Could anyone help me to provide frequency range (tolerance) when the pin11 (FREQ) setting 53.6K with 25C temperature?

    Besides, do the (SW1 to GND) and (SW3 to GND) both switching frequency…

  • Request the review of 2 x LTC7821 LTspice design


    My customer are designing to use 2 LTC7821 with 48V input and 12V 40A output.

    And for this, they make a simulation model like below file which is same configuration (except Temp pin) as application circuit in the 36 page in LTC7821 datasheet.


  • LTC7821 over current limit setting

    Hi All,

    Do LTC7821 have over current protect function?  

    And how to setting LTC7821 over current limit?


  • can LTC7821 MID power to supply others

    Application is 18-24V to 5V/25A & 3.3V/15A with minimum space & higher efficiency.

    so can LTC7821 share MID power(9-12V) to others Buck regulator for 3.3V output ?