• Request replacements of LTC7820/LTC7821


    My cutomer use  LTC7820/LTC7821 in her system.

    But she says that these devices are needed too many additional parts (FLy/Mid capacitors,), so she is searching similar device with lower additional parts.

    Would you suggest your recommended parts…

  • LTC7820: Single sided board layout


      I would like to do a single sided layout of the DC2543B on a 4 layer PCB.

      Is there an existing layout or any advice from ADI?


  • Request a Schematic Review with LTC7821 and LTC7820

    My customer request their schematic with LTC7821 and LTC782049.

    Would you check their schematic and let me know  your opinions?

       They use BSC027N06LS5, BSC067N06LS3G ,BSC032N04LS, BSC014N04LSI.

       And they want to get your check about above using above MOSFETs…

  • Questions about LTC7820 simulation (including LTSpice update issue)


    My customer use LTC7821 and do the LTSpice simulation of LTC7820.

    During simulation, they say that they got some issues.

    So they ask questions about these issues and request your advices.

    1. Issue about attached simulation file. (before updating…

  • RE: Request the schematic review with LTC7820s & LTC7821s

    Dear Fil,

    Thank you for your kind concern.

    I already got your answer by e-mail.



  • DC2543B doubler modification


    We current has a LTC7820 evaluation board DC2543B and would like to modify to 1:2 doubler application.

    I study the schematic DC2543B can find VDD and UV pin can be powered and connected by Vout terminal.

    So I think DC2543B can be a doubler with a…

  • RE: Request the review of LTC7821 simulation

    Dear Fil,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    This question is related to Phase shift  and it means they will implement current sharing function.

    Unfortunately LTSpice mode of LTC7821 & LTC7820 doesn't support this phase shift function.

    So my customer…

  • 恭喜! ADI 的产品又双双获奖了

    之前,版主公布了 ADI 荣登 EDN Hot 100 的16 款产品厉害了我的ADI,EDN Hot 100 占据16席! 大家表示“厉害了,我的ADI”;今天版主要分享的是被评为《中国电子商情》2017年度编辑选择奖的三款产品——

    • MEMS传感器 ADXL1002,2017年度中国最具竞争力传感器产品
    • DC/DC控制器 LTC7820,2017年度中国最具竞争力电源产品
    • ADC LTC2500-32,2017年度中国最具竞争力模数转换产品

    ADC LTC2500-3…

  • RE: Functionality of LTC7820EUFD (DEMO MANUAL DC2543B)


    a) Wide range of Input – How will be the behavior and the output regulation

    LTC7820 doesn't provide regulation. It divides the input voltage by 2.

    For example, for input range of 40 to 60V, the output ranges from 20V to 30V following…

  • RE: LTSpice: help needed with Efficiency calculation using ".meas" and ".step" commands

    Thanks very much Helmut for your kind suggestion, but that does not help in my particular issue with I_load

    I specifically need to step Iout in order to generate several (a bunch of) points in order to be able to generate efficiency plots. In particular…