• LTC7804 Output Feedback...

    I'd like to use the LTC7804 as the power stage of a Solar Max power point tracker. (mppt)
    Operating in boost mode to charge an Li Ion battery that is simultaneously
    having power drawn from it.

    So the Feedback pin is going to require some external circuitry…

  • PCB layout Eval DC2038A-J (LTC4162-L) e DC2846A (LTC7804)

    Hello sirs,

    in my new project, I will use the two devices in the subject,

    that I have already tested using their Evaluation Board:

    - DC2038A-J for the LTC4152-L

    -DC2846A for the LTC7804

    To better follow the suggested routing,

    instead of using the Gerber…

  • How to AC analyze for LTC7804


    I want to analyze AC for LTC7804 with LTspice. Thus, I will perform compensation design with open loop Bode diagram. But even though I followed the analysis steps in EngineerZone, I could not get a successful result. Can you help with this?


  • LTC7804 LTSpice macromodel broken

    Is there an updated macromodel for the LTC7804? Receive this error when using the provided test fixture in LTSpice:

    "Port pin count mismatch..."

  • LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做 2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing?

    Hi ALL

    LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做  2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing? 


  • EVM DC2846A use IC LTC7804 be used for 2-phase parallel current sharing?

    Hi All

    I use EVM DC2846A  boost IC LTC7804

    I want 2-phase parallel current sharing 24V/6A *2

    Can I Get any refrence circuit??

    Can I use DC2846A sync pin input clock sign for 2-phase parallel current sharing??

  • RE: NEED design steps for LT3479

    Hi Amol,

    Please review the datasheet especially the Operation and Applications Information to know more how to design your circuit. However, based on the typical applications, 3A might be too high for this chip and it might affect efficiency.

    I would…

  • LT7804 output Error

    1,Pilot 126 pieces, ,it was found that the 4 pieces  ltc7804 chips output abnormal, which should have output 24V, but the output was about 12V. Through the analysis of the bad board, it was found that the output of intvcc was abnormal, which should have…

  • RE: LT1871 Sepic+Choke +/- 30V/3A circuit

    Searching using LTPowerCAD, you may want to take a look at LTC7804 and LTC3896.

  • RE: 送你一个简化高效升压变换器的解决方案~

    LTC7804是一款高性能同步升压DC/DC开关稳压器控制器,可驱动所有N沟道功率MOSFET级。同步整流可提高效率、降低功耗并减少散热需求。恒频电流模式架构允许高达3 MHz的锁相开关频率。LTC7804可在4.5 V至40V的宽输入电源电压范围内工作。当偏离升压转换器输出时,LTC7804可在启动后以低至1V的输入电源电压运行。