• RE: LTC7804 LTSpice macromodel broken

    Hello engberg,

    the model was just fixed last night. I did an sync update this morning and now the LTC7804 test fixture runs just fine on my machine.

    Please check for your setup as well.

    Happy simulations!

    kind regards


  • EVM DC2846A use IC LTC7804 be used for 2-phase parallel current sharing?

    Hi All

    I use EVM DC2846A  boost IC LTC7804

    I want 2-phase parallel current sharing 24V/6A *2

    Can I Get any refrence circuit??

    Can I use DC2846A sync pin input clock sign for 2-phase parallel current sharing??

  • LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做 2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing?

    Hi ALL

    LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做  2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing? 


  • RE: LTC7804HUD#PBF / Decode Marking

    LHHM is the correct part marking for the LTC7804 parts in the UD 3x3 QFN Package.