• How to AC analyze for LTC7804


    I want to analyze AC for LTC7804 with LTspice. Thus, I will perform compensation design with open loop Bode diagram. But even though I followed the analysis steps in EngineerZone, I could not get a successful result. Can you help with this?


  • LTC7804 LTSpice macromodel broken

    Is there an updated macromodel for the LTC7804? Receive this error when using the provided test fixture in LTSpice:

    "Port pin count mismatch..."

  • LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做 2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing?

    Hi ALL

    LTC7804 的EVM DC2846A 能做  2 Phase 做 並聯 Current sharing? 


  • EVM DC2846A use IC LTC7804 be used for 2-phase parallel current sharing?

    Hi All

    I use EVM DC2846A  boost IC LTC7804

    I want 2-phase parallel current sharing 24V/6A *2

    Can I Get any refrence circuit??

    Can I use DC2846A sync pin input clock sign for 2-phase parallel current sharing??

  • RE: 送你一个简化高效升压变换器的解决方案~

    LTC7804是一款高性能同步升压DC/DC开关稳压器控制器,可驱动所有N沟道功率MOSFET级。同步整流可提高效率、降低功耗并减少散热需求。恒频电流模式架构允许高达3 MHz的锁相开关频率。LTC7804可在4.5 V至40V的宽输入电源电压范围内工作。当偏离升压转换器输出时,LTC7804可在启动后以低至1V的输入电源电压运行。


  • RE: LTC7804HUD#PBF / Decode Marking

    LHHM is the correct part marking for the LTC7804 parts in the UD 3x3 QFN Package.