• RE: LTC7803 Bootstrap capacitor value

    Hi T-yoshi,

    Sorry for late reply. I hope you got answer to this already. I see Figure 12 in datasheet using two FET with only 0,1uF boost cap so in most applications 0.1uF may be sufficient. If your FET is really big, please try to check in LTspice first…

  • RE: LTC7803 CURRENT SENSING question

    If you need output current limit & programmable. You may try LT3741. 

  • LTspice model for LTC7803


    Can I get the LTspice model of LTC7803?

    Best regards,


  • LTC7803 parallel operation

    Hi there

    could LTC7803 be paralleled? Nothing described in the datasheet.

    LTpowerCAD allows to make it.

    I would use three parts in parallel to work on common load.

    Question is how to sync it from the external clock and make the phase shift between the…

  • LTC7803+LT8550 5 Phases application


    As datasheet mentioned, LT8550 is in tandem with any buck DC/DC converter to increase the load current capability.

    We do like to combine LTC7803+LT8550 5 Phases application to achieve 19V->12V/85A which is around 1kW.

    If it is a suitable design…

  • RE: LTC7803 current foldback function


    in every controller datasheet we specify the foldback diagram, as you can see in the LTC7803 datasheet as well:

    SHDN is an internal SHUTDOWN signal which is generated by the appropriate events in the internal logic resp. monitoring circuitry…

  • 如何利用LTC7803显著简化高效率功率转换器设计?看完这篇文章你就懂了~

    LTC7803是ADI公司开发的一款同步降压型控制器,可简化高性能电源的设计。这款控制器具有以下主要特性:集成低阻抗栅极驱动器,能够切换N通道MOSFET,从而降低整体转换器成本,提高效率;极低工作静态电流(5 μA);40 V宽输入/输出电压范围;100 kHz至3 MHz的极高可编程开关频率范围;检测电阻或DCR检测可进一步提升效率;以及100%占空比。另外支持Spread Spectrum®(扩频)操作。LTC7803在±15%范围内调节开关频率,这可简化EMI合规要求并降低EMI滤波器成本…

  • RE: LTC7802 reference design

    Hi Snow,

    I think you can start with single channel LTC7803 in LTspice or LTpowerCAD.

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