• LTC7803: force IntVcc voltage


    For a specific application, we would like to use the LTC7803 with GaN mosfet.  As these mosfets are quite sensitive to gate over-voltage transient effects, we would like to reduce the IntVcc voltage to something like 4.5V.

    Is it possible to force…

  • EA voltage gain of LTC7803


    I consider phase compensation of LTC7803.
    To calculate the output impedance of the internal EA, the transconductance and EA voltage gain (DCgainea) are required, but the value of the voltage gain is not in the data sheet.
    The output impedance of EA…

  • Supply LTC7803 with a different voltage than the mosfets


    For a specific application, we would like to use the LTC7803 with a different voltage than the one supplying the switching mosfets.

    The LTC7803 would be supplied through its VIN pin with 5V and the mosfets with 8V. 

    We tested it with an evaluation…

  • RE: LTC7803 Current Sense calculation

    Hi Ron,

    Sorry about the late reply, totally forgot about it.

    The problem was actually an layout issue, so our new revision did fix the problem and 1.5mOhm did actually clamp the output current at around 25A which is quite interesting, I didn't expect…

  • RE: LTspice model for LTC7803

    Please do SYNC RELEASE in LTspice. The LTC7803 model has been released. Thanks!

    Best Regards,


  • LTC7803 + LT8550 24V 50A DC/DC converter


    we're currently designing a 24V 50A DC/DC converter with 25V to 33V input, due to the large current requirement we've decided to use the LT8550 phase expander with LTC7803 controller. The LTC7803 controller works as expected, however the LT8550…

  • LTC7803 CURRENT SENSING question

    I am designing using LTC7803.

    There is only one current control of the LTC7803.

    I want to control with three current settings. Example) 20A, 15A, 10A 3 modes
    Is it possible to design with LT7803? Please let me know if you have designed an external circuit…

  • RE: LTC7803 Bootstrap capacitor value

    Hi T-yoshi,

    Sorry for late reply. I hope you got answer to this already. I see Figure 12 in datasheet using two FET with only 0,1uF boost cap so in most applications 0.1uF may be sufficient. If your FET is really big, please try to check in LTspice first…

  • LTC7803+LT8550 5 Phases application


    As datasheet mentioned, LT8550 is in tandem with any buck DC/DC converter to increase the load current capability.

    We do like to combine LTC7803+LT8550 5 Phases application to achieve 19V->12V/85A which is around 1kW.

    If it is a suitable design…

  • LTC7803 current foldback function


    Can you provide detailed information about current foldback function?

    • Under what condition foldback starts?
      • When the output voltage falls to less than 50% of its nominal level, foldback current limiting is activated. 
    • How much does output…