• LTC7802 MOS Damage issue


    Is there any Mos selection application note from ADI?

    According to datasheet final page : 16V~38V->12V/30A application.

    The function works well on the MTOP12 : SIJA72ADP and MBOT12 : SIR640ADP.

    However when we change to MTOP12, MBOT12 to NTMFS5C460NL…

  • LTC7802 reference design


    Can I have LTC7802 reference design or preliminary schematic for 24V->12V/10A & 5V/12A.

    Or any design file such as LTSpice/LTPowerCAD.

    Please kindly help me for it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • RE: LTC7802 Parallel Function

    Hi Snow,

    Yes, I believe the LTC7802 is capable of being paralleled.

  • RE: LTC7803 parallel operation


    the LTC7802 is not 100% similar to LTC7803 in all features ( for example 99% DC,max instead of 100% DCmax/PassThru),but the main behaviour is identical.

    In the LTC7803 datasheet you'll find an example with 12V@15A.
    In the LTC7802 datasheet you…