• LTC7801

    If toggle RUN the LTC7801 will fail to turn back on. Output Voltage 13V output current 1A, input voltage 30V.  The BG did not short to ground the first time (as described in, LTC7801 issues Piyush04 on Jul 31, 2019).

    The device apparently recoved and would…

  • LTC7801 issues

    I have designed a circuit using LTC7801 to output 12V and 20A at full load. However, the IC failed (BG and GND shorted) when output was just 12V, 3.8A. I am using AUIRF3710ZS MOSFETs in high side and low side for the application. The IC turns itself off…

  • LTC7801 maximum current

    Hi, colleagues,

    how can I calcukate a maxumum current that is possible to get with LTC7801? What are thelimitations for MOSFETs? 

  • LTC7801

    Explain me how to tune the components of ITH pin and how to set the required voltage at ITH pin 

  • LTC7801 AEC qualification


    I am using LTC7801 for automotive application but I couldn't find anywhere AEC qualification mentioned in the datasheet although it is recommended to use in automotive application as mentioned in the ARPL here- https://www.analog.com/media/en/news…

  • LTC7801 not work

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Jeongtae Kim in South Korea.

    In order to develop our company device, i used LTC7801 in power board. I used every component equal to evaluation  board DC2641A.

    But, it didn't work normally, despite i make the circuit same with evaluation…

  • LTC7801 RUN floating

    RUN is connected to a 5V IO port.

    When data direction register is input at power up and a "soft" 40kOhm pull to 5V is that surficient for good life of LTC7801?

  • RE: LTC7801 BCI

    1 BCI is bulk current injection test.

    2 IC LTC7801 is getting damaged.

    3 I tried some ways but they did not work.

    4 I used 12V zener diode at NDRV pin of LTC7801 to control the over voltage.

  • LTC7801 synchronous buck

    I am using LTC7801 

    Vin = 9 to 30V

    Vo = 5V

    Io - 6.5A

    I tried different modes & compensation methods (Type II,III) but not able to get CCM mode.

    Even if Bottom MOSFET is bypassed (Used as diode) inductor current goes to zero.

    I have used formulas in…

  • LTC7801 нагрев и отказ

    Наш преобразователь напряжения (48-80) / 24 вольта собран по типовой схеме с использованием LTC7801 (страница 34   LTC7801    ).

    При повышении входного напряжения Vin до 16 вольт, Vout = 4 вольта.  При достижении Vin 16 вольт LTC7801 нагревается и самоуничтожается…