• RE: LTC7800 break down when output voltage present with no input voltage

    When driving GaN FETs be sure to make these modifications:

    1. Clamp the boost voltage with a 10 Ohm resistor and a 5.1V Zener.
    2. Place a Schottky diode in parallel with the bottom MOSFET to reduce dead-time body diode conduction losses. The schottky needs…
  • LTC7800 complementary outputs issue for GaN based Synchronous Buck Converter

    We have replicated this design (www.analog.com/.../dc2736a.html) into a compact structure and analyzing its performance. We are having issues in terms of the complimentary PWM outputs of the control IC (LTC7800). Can anyone please suggest how to rectify…

  • Request for the Passive POE circuit

    Hi. team

    Please let me know if you have any additions or corrections to my circuit.

    Please check the passive poe part, LTC7800 setting by focus.

    it is using by Passive POE

    1. Input voltage : ~60V

    2. Output Voltage : 12V

    3. Power device : LTC7800


  • RE: Wish to design a DC-DC buck converter

    Hi Hasan,

    I would suggest something like LTC7800: LTC7800 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices. It has a PGOOD pin which is an open drain output. I believe an LED indicator can be connected here.

    You may search for other products here: Step-Down …

  • RE: lt8390 light load mode??

    Hi rarebird,

    BG1 waveform doesn't look correct. Try probing on SW1 pin to determine if the FET is switching properly. The resistor between ISP and ISN is just to set the max current limit. We suggest getting hold of the demo board to be used as reference…

  • RE: LT8708 is only used in the depressor mode. How do I deal with the BG2,BOOST2,SW2,TG2 and pins of LT8708?

    If the requirement is only to pass power from 42V to 12V and there is no requirement to pass power from 12V to 42V then the LT8708 is probably not the right choice. The LT8708 passes current in either direction and can step up in voltage or step down…

  • RE: LT8646SEV How to know junction temperature?

    You may want to check other possible solution with switches external so you can get higher output current. Please see link below. I looked at LTC7800 for your application.


  • LTC7815 Boost Compensation Design

    I am designing with the LTC7815 and want to know how to calculate the loop compensation components for the boost converter part as there is no reference in the datasheet for my application:

    1. 10Vout @ 2.5A max
    2. Vin 3.5 - 32V
    3. DCR sensing
    4. 680 nH, DCR 7 m…
  • RE: High Charge current Battery Charger recommendation

    Hi Ken,

    Since the LTC4013 is a controller, the power components are all external. As a result, the power loss has very little to do with the LTC4013 itself. All you need to do is find any regulator with external components and run it at the same switching…

  • RE: LTC7801, lower gate voltages than 5V selectable and paralleling of two devices possible?

    I will look into running the DRVCC at 4.5V.  We have typically used the shottky in parallel with the Gan device and a Zener clamp on the boost cap.   This circuit is represented on page 29 of the LTC7800 datasheet.   As for paralleling the ICs, this is perfectly…