• RE: LT7151S in LTpowerCAD II

    OK thanks.

    I'd like to see the compensation plots for my LTC7151S.

    In an LTC7150S session, if I change the inductor value to a something custom which is appropriate for the LTC7151S current-limit, would I get Bode plots close to the LTC7151S? Or…

  • LTC7151S operating mode

    According to the data sheet, discontinuous mode or forced continuous mode is selected with the MODE/SYNC pin. I assume the LTC7151S automatically operates in continuous mode regardless of the state of MODE/SYNC when the load current increases beyond a current…

  • LTC7151S and ADP1762 3D-models

    I am looking for 3D-models of the LTC7151S and ADP1762.

    Are these available?

  • LTC7151S output voltage accuracy

    My power design (0.9V/10A) requires ±2% output voltage accuracy over temperature range (-40 to 85C), and I'm looking at the LTC7151S to get a compact solution.

    In the data sheet reference accuracy is specified to be ±1%. Does this mean that t…

  • LTpowerCAD II - support for LTC7151S


    I've just installed LTpowerCAD II, but found no support for the deveice I need (the LTC7151S). Can I request that somehow?

    The closest supported device is the LTC7150S, but when I try to run the tool, LTpowerCAD crashes (on my Win10 PC).


  • LTC7151S Pgood Signal not working in simulation


       I'm attempting to power sequence two LTC7151S converters using the Run and Pgood signals.  However, even when simulating a single converter, I can't get the Pgood line to cooperate.  I have the Pgood pin pulled high with a 10k resistor,…

  • LTC7151S and LTC7150S recommended for new designs?


    I'd like to know if these converters are recommended for new designs? That is, will they be available for some years, or are they likely to be discontinued any time soon?


     - Bren

  • 系列第一弹丨ADI新品速递(2019 年 3 月)




    采用 6.25 mm × 6.25 mm BGA 封装的 12 A 15 A 引脚兼容型 μModule 稳压器将电感用作散热器

    ADI Power by LinearTM  20 VINμModule® (电源模块)稳压器 LTM4626 LTM4638 采用 3D