• Use LTC7149 in parallel

    I have high current requirement for -5V output from 12V input, and also sync clock requirement. It was recommended by ADI that by parallel LTC7149 is OK to satisfy my requirement, as below.

    Now I was wondering if it's possible to simulate this in LTSpice…

  • LTC7149 & DC2354 spec clarify


    I have one question about Vout range for LTC7149.
    In LTC7149 datasheet, the output range is shown as 0V to -28V in page 1 Features, 
    and the absolute maximum rating for GND pin reference to Vout- is also 28V max. 

    But in LTC7149 EVB DC2354A manual…

  • How to select the capacitor between Vin and Vout in LTC7149

    There's a 0.1uF capacitor between Vin and Vout in the typical application in LTC7149 datasheet, but it's not mentioned in the datasheet. And in demo board there're two capacitors, 1uF and 2.2uF. How to select the value of this capacitor? Is it necessary…

  • LTC7149

    Hi all,

    I have build -12V voltage regulator with LTC7149. Input voltage is 12V. After 8 hours with 1.5A load capacitor C7 exploded.

    have anybody idea why it happen?


  • RE: LTC7149 for -28V genaration from +28V input

    Hi Shivakumar D,

    The LTC7149 looks good for this application. LTC7149 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    You can try the design on page 23 of the datasheet then modify it to get -28Vout or get hold of the DC2354A demo board which should work within…

  • Question about LTC7149 LTpowerCAD model



    I can not download the following LTpowerCAD model of LTC7149 on its website.

    “LTC7149 Project – Inverting Buck Regulator (3.5-55V to -5V@4A)”


    Is there any problem on that file?

    If possible, could you send me the new one? 



  • LTC7149 problems

    i have some problems with the LTC7149EUFD#PBF. 

    I am using this regulator to convert 24V input to -5V output.  I designed the schematic based on the datasheet and i simulated the schematic with the LTSPICE. It worked well.

    But during testing, when i gave…

  • LTC7149 SYNC

    Does the SYNC pin Phase Locked Loop synchronize to an edge?  Does duty cycle of the SYNC signal affect the duty cycle of the converter?

  • LTC7149 behavior

    Hi everyone. I have some problem with the LTC7149. In the picture there is the SW to Vout-=-5V (red) pin and the Vin=6V to SW pin (blu) The RT resistance is 249k so the fsw =400kHz. However the bottom switched is turned off before the next clock cycle…

  • LTC7149 voltage drop compensation


    Our design requests output current measurements in -5V 0.5A buck converter. We use the external 100mR resistor for current measurement. We modeled the circuit with LTC7149 and simulation circuit requested some special connections for the stable…