• ADA4627-1 and ADA4637-1 Null Inputs Connection


    ADA4627-1 and ADA4637-1 have NULL pins which are offset adjust pins. If I do not plan to use offset adjust what should I do with the NULL pins? Leave it floating or use 100k Ohm pull-up resistors?



  • 2 CVBS+1 LVDS input ->1 LVDS output ?


    Does ADI have the solution that support 2 CVBS and 1 LVDS(5 wires) input then 1 LVDS output?

    The CVBS signal is from camera and the  LVDS is from video or navigation.

    The output LVDS will display in 800x480/1024x600 screen.

    This is the siganal…

  • Powerful Combinations are Possible when 1+1>2

    It’s a new beginning for Analog Devices and Linear Technology. Together we become the high-performance analog industry leader with an innovation engine fueled by our comprehensive portfolio of analog and mixed signal products and solutions.

    We have…

  • ADA4310-1, 4311-1 with sloped PD0, PD1

    When using 4310-1 or 4311-1, with PD0 and PD1 pins taking values between 0V and whatever is considered logic high, does the amplifier behave reasonably? By that does it behave without going unstable or draining excessive current or requiring excessive…

  • 1:1 Baluns covering wide frequencies seem widely available. However, 1:2 Baluns seem to be narrower and less available. Why is this?

    1:1 Baluns covering wide frequencies seem widely available. However, 1:2 Baluns seem to be narrower and less available. Why is this? asked by Robert B.

  • RE: wants to confirm whether LT8708-1 (LT8708EUHG-1#PBF) can work independently.


    sometimes page one of the datasheet contains the answer:

    The LT8708-1 always operates as a slave to the master LT8708 and has the capability of delivering as much cur-rent or power as the master.

    Hence I would state, that LT8708-1 can NOT work…

  • AD8195:  1:1 HDMI/DVI Buffer with Equalization

    Is there any documentation for the evaluation board for the AD8195?


  • LTM4644 / LTM4644-1


    For our use case, the output voltages and current rated at 85degC are mentioned below.

    VIN = 12V. 
    OUT1    0.85V @ 3.6A.
    OUT2    1.35V @ 2.2A.
    OUT3    1.8V @ 900mA.
    OUT4    3.3V @ 800mA.
    In the datasheet, the derating curve for 12Vin to 1Vout paralleled…
  • Differential video transmission with ADA4433-1 and ADA4830-1


    Thanks for providing the spice model of both ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830(-1).

    I'm trying to design a DC coupled differential transmission system using the ADA4433-1 and the ADA4830.

    The overall gain from input (ADA4433-1) to output (ADA4830…

  • ADF7030-1 and ADF7030


    We are developing the product using ADF7030-1, but we have a delivery problem.

    So we are considering to use ADF7030 instead of ADF7030-1.

    We have some questions..

    1. Is it possible to use ADF7030 instead of ADF7030-1?

    2. If it is possible, how can…