• LTC7106


    We are using LTC7106 IC in our project. The waveforms are in 100KHz I2C clock, My problem is that when I write the device address on the I2C line, I don't get an ACK signal back. 



  • LTC7106

    How to deal with EXPOSED PAD of LTC7106? no remark in datasheet.

    Thank you very much.

  • RE: 使用DCDC做一款程控电源

    可以用LTC7106如图调制FB pin

  • RE: LTC1778 maximum inductor value

    Hello Lauren,

    huh, quite a long and elaborate answer. Thanks for clarification, although this weird circumstances/requirements will not help really for an answer. In my opinion/experience the maximum 'possible' inductor value depends on the overall design…

  • RE: LTM4607 operation


    my first guess (without knowing all internal details) is the 25V  voltage rating of the output cap (CO1 in figure 1 page 8) As the LTM4607 is a module the PowerFETs, inductor and capacitors are 'real' discrete devices with their own characteristic…

  • current regulation for a programmable power supply (CC)


    Hi I have choose LTC3779 and LTC7106-1 for one of our product R&D Hi WATT Programmable power supply.

    The part LTC7106 can be used for controlling output voltage with the IDAC output ie CV, need support for designing regulation of output current…

  • RE: Lt3042, LT3045 Vout set by DAC

    The challenge with using LT3042/5 is that the SET pin voltage rises to the same level as the OUT voltage. If the adjustment range is too large, then you will end up needing devices with higher voltage ratings.

    Two possible approaches I've used before…

  • LT3086 Output Below 400mV

    I'm using the LT3086 as a linear postregulator to a switching power supply. I'm designing a circuit that acts like an adjustable power supply for a bench. I had planned on using LTC7106 to adjust the output voltage of the LT3086 and the switcher. If I…

  • RE: ADP1761 variable output voltage

    Hi, David.

    You can use LTC7106 to control the output of ADP1761 through its PMBus/I2C compatible interface as shown in the figure below.

    For more information, please see the LTC7106 datasheet.


  • RE: LT3582 operation in single output mode(Positive output).

    As I do not know your power or input voltage requirements: How can we suggest a part for you? If you use our LTC7106as Vout control  the complete line-up of boost regulators is possible (monolithic or controller).