• LTC7060 usage

    I built the simulation circuit (the second picture) according to the circuit in the data manual (as follows) 

    The simulation effect is good. There is 4.5mA at both ends of R3, and the bidirectional variation is controlled by the WAVEFORM of PWM input…

  • LTC7060 High side mos issue for LTspice

    Issue Description

    LTC7060 and Infineon BSC110N15NS5

    Vin 88V to Vout 48V/15A

    • We used LTspice XVII to simulate Buck convertor which used LTC7060 as gate driver.
    • We use and independent PWM generator instead of LTC7871 to provide PWM signal.
    • We saw some…
  • Unable to get the LTC7060 to work correctly at 2.65MHz

    I have been unable to get the LTC7060 to create square waves as promised to drive mosfets at the 2.65MHz range. These are my schematics/pcb. In simulation the circuit seems to work. 

    Are there recommended debugging strategies to verify the LTC7060 is working…

  • LTC7060 LTspice TG異常問題


    目前使用LTC7060 並搭配LTspice模擬

    MOS則是Infineon BSC110N15NS5(匯入Infineon mos lib)

    再由PWM輸入250KHz PWM訊號




  • 关于LTC7060芯片的使用





  • LTC7060: Deadtime shorter than expected


    I'm using the LTC7060 in a new design. After probing the gates of the high and low side transistors, I'm seeing that there seems to be a bit of crossconduction. The LTC7060 has a maximum well above what I'd need. From the scope screenshots, I…

  • LTC7060 PWM pin drive with 3.3V from MCU

    Hi, I am a DFAE and one of my customers is going to use LTC7060 and he's asking is it possible to drive the PWM pin directly from the MCU's gpio which has 3.3V CMOS level rather than 0 to 5V?

    Thanks so much.

  • LTC7060 taking advantage of floating outputs


    Is it possible to take advantage of the floating outputs of the LTC7060 and the +/-10V difference between BGRTN and SGND for a bipolar switching amplifier application.  For a low voltage, high current amplifier application I would like to operate the…

  • The dead Time of LTC7060


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer give us a question about the dead time of LTC7060. Could you please tell me the formula to calculate RDT when he wants to set a dead time of over 76ns.



  • External bias BST or BGRTN on LTC7060


    I am wondering if I can external bias the BST and BGRTN pin on the LTC7060 to extend the pulse width? I done the simulation it seems to work I am wondering if this is safe to do in a real device?