• where i can get LTC7004 simulation

    We are using LTC7004 for one of our project for switching ON/OFF the load.

    we can not simulate above circuit through LTspice

    can u give me feedback above circuit working fine ??

    i have set OVLO is 50V and VCCUV is 4.5V

  • RE: Problem regarding Mosfet Driver IC LTC7004

    Hello Sujay,

    Could you give us the damage report?  Which part or function of the LTC7004 is not working?

    Please send us the up to date schematic.

  • LTC7004 - suitable for inverting buck-boost converter in DCM?


    I designed an inverting buck-boost converter which operates in DCM (discontinous current mode) and used the LTC7004 to switch an N-Channel MOSFET in a high-side configuration.

    In the simulation everything looks fine but when I designed the PCB…

  • LTC7001 - LTC7004 - turn off the inductive load

    Hi all,

    I use LTC7001 to turn on and turn off the power switch (several transistors connected in parallel). I disconnect 40 A current and then there is an overvoltage on the transistors.

    This is due to the inductive load.

    The documentation shows how to…

  • LTC7004 as high side driver for reverse polarity protection.


    I am trying to use the LTC7004 as a high side driver for an NMOS that will be used as a reverse-polarity protection mechanism. I was wondering if and how the part could be used in a reverse polarity protection setup. My current design is as follows…

  • RE: LTC7004EMSE - CB to Cg ratio

    I believe the capacitor ratio is necessary if the gate current exceeds the charge pump's output current. You can use the LTspice model to evaluate (VBST-VTS when INP goes high, for example). In LTspice, one can open a simple “jig” file for an IC. For…

  • RE: {Urgent] N-Fet gate driver buffer for LT4356 and LTC4368

    Hi Oretna,  For stronger gate drive, look at LTC7000-LTC7004 series of high side switch drivers.

  • RE: High side N-MOS driver with 100% DC

    I'm not expert to these types of application but I'm not sure LTC7004 will work. You would need to pre-charge the large output cap before turning on the FETs to avoid large inrush. We have several hot swap products in website and technical notes as reference…