• LTC7001 output reverse polarity protection

    Hello. I am looking to use the LTC7001 as a user interface control for a power supply. It will switch the output of the supply on/off when it is ready to output power. The customer has recently requested that the user interface be reverse polarity protected…

  • Hi everyone, I would know an information about the driving output stage of the LTC7001, how much current it can handle? I've noticed from the LTspice example a value of current near 2A while driving a NMOS, but I need a typical or maximum value. Than...

    Information about the ltc7001 maximum output current

  • RE: LTC7000(-1) and LTC7001

    The LTC7000, LTC7000-1 and LTC7001 are all in the process of obtaining AEC-Q100 now.

    We expect them to be completed sometime in 2020.

  • RE: Question about LTC7000-1

    Hi Kazu,

    Connect SNS+ and SNS- pins to VIN pin.  Then connect Timer pin to GND pin.  Do NOT leave these pins open/floating.

    If you don't need over current protection feature, I would recommend using LTC7001.  Follow link below.


  • LTC7001 Drive IC Error

    I previously helped here and changed the circuit to:

    The following problems occurred during the test.

    The gate was turned on with the electronic load set to 5A. Then one of the six FETs burst-out.

    Seq :

    1. Gate turn-on to Load 20A is OK

    2. Load 5A to…

  • RE: LTC7001 Bootstrapped Error

    Thank you for your advice ...

    I ordered the part again and received it today.
    I will inform you of the test result after work.
    Thank you.

  • RE: LTC7001 Precharge problem

    I just encountered a problem very similar to this with the LTC7001.  My configuration is almost identical to the original post.  Sometimes it wouldn't start properly, V_BST-V_TS would only be about 3-4v.  Other times it would work just fine.  It seemed…

  • RE: LTspice model for LTC7001


    I have looked at the LTC7001 simulation and internal charge pump voltage (Vbst-ts) is regulated to around 10V regardless of Vccuv is open or shorted to GND.  Vccuv does NOT set the internal charge pump output regulation voltage.  It sets the VCC undervoltage…

  • LTC7001 - Bootstrapped Supply


    According to the datasheet , page9.

    I think there is a small error in th formula how to find Cb: 12V will be in place of 1V, because the applied voltage in Cb is 12V (VBST = VTS + 12)


  • high side driver LTC7001

    Do you have any experience for buck converter with high side driver LTC