• Gate series resistance wiht LTC7001

    We are planning to use LTC7001 gate driver with 4 of MCTL300N10Y-TP in parallel as static switching MOSFET. Would 1E be enough as a gate driver series resistance to ensure fast transition? Or would we need higher to remove any ringing?


  • LTC7001 charge pump BST voltage collapse

    Hi everyone,

    I am designing a switch for a medium voltage (40V-50V) and high current (40A-135A) application. I'm using an optocoupler, a MOSFET and a LTC7001. A power supply and resistive load are used at the moment for the test setup but the goal is…

  • Pin pitch clearance for high voltage with LTC7001

    Hello all,

    LTC7001 has a pin pitch of 0.5 mm. With this up to what voltage of Vin is realistic without issues, say with Vcc of 5V?

    Asking since LTC7001 doesn't have a large pitch variant like LTC7000.

    Regards, Prithvi

  • LTC7001 usage as gate driver in a BMS


    We are looking to use LTC7001 each as the gate driver for charger and discharge control back to back MOSFETs.The drains of the back to back NMOS are tied together. BMS would work with battery packs in 40V to 65V range.

    For this we have few que…

  • LTC7001


    I used the evaluation schematic DC2708A, I supplied the circuit with VCC=15V and I broke the LT7001? The datasheet specifies that it is possible to supply this circuit with 15V.
    In 12V it works perfectly.
    Why does it break when using a 15V power su…

  • Differences between LTC7000, LTC7000-1, LTC7000A and LTC7001


    Can someone point me to the difference between the high voltage static gate drivers for NMOS? Also for what features to use which one?

    Thanks, Prithvi

  • LTC7001 Boost Capacitor Calculation

    I am designing a high side switching system composed of a single LTC7001 and six Vishay SQJQ160E NMOS FETs.  I am going to turn on all six FET's at the same time (paralleled). The FETs all have a 10ohm resistor placed in series with their gates and the…

  • RE: LTC7001 - Bootstrapped Supply

    The datasheet Cb formula has been updated. Please use the updated datasheet from the Analog website.

  • LTC7001 getting damaged when using in series application

    Dear specialists, 

     I have an application, where because of safety redundancy I need to use 2 MOSfets in series to assure that if one of them is getting shorted, the other opens. 

     While testing this application (both driven in parallel by a signal generator…

  • LTC7001 Dual load control

    I need to design a single output from 2 input voltage

    there are 2 units of LTC7001 (one per input)

    If i understand correctly, the TS pin needs to continue to the Load

    i wonder what will happen when Unit A is OFF and UNIT B is ON?

    the TS pin is shared…