• Differences between LTC7000, LTC7000-1, LTC7000A and LTC7001


    Can someone point me to the difference between the high voltage static gate drivers for NMOS? Also for what features to use which one?

    Thanks, Prithvi

  • Shorting RUN and INP in LTC7000A or LTC7000


    What would be the consequences of shorting RUN and INP in LTC7000A / LTC7000 as an input from a 3.3V MCU since both are active high? Would the power on time be higher or does the turn off time increase?

    The idea is to decrease the standby current…

  • RE: What is LTC7000ARMSE?

    Hi Tomo2022,

    This is a new part LTC7000A which should be released within a few weeks. There are only a few minor differences between the LTC7000 and LTC7000A. The LTC7000A should have faster time of IMON enable after INP rising.

    If you want more advanced…

  • LTC7000 Timer calculation


    I'm using LTC7000 for H-bridge application.

    When I have connected Resistor at timer pin to 100K, cutoff current is 9.5 Amps as designed.

    Capacitor value at timer pin is 100nF.

    If I decrease the value of resistor to 17.4K, LTC7000 not cutting…