• LTC7000 IC driving capability


    In one of our project we are planing to use to drive the IPTG014N10NM5 MOSFET which has large gate to drain charge of 51nC max.

    We are using Mosfet as a switch, to drive 28V/25A of load. MosFET has Rdson 1.4mohm. Does the LTC7000 IC will be able…

  • About LTC7000


    I am using LTC7000 with IRFS4115 for high side switching (30VDC). Circuit is attached and it is more or less the same circuit as in the datasheet which works as expected in LTSpice. But on board -with no load- VCC (pin 3) is 2.5VDC regardsless…

  • RE: LTC7000 - Pin Spacing

    If you are concerned about the pin spacing with high voltage (150V) operation, ADI offers the package with extra pin spacing.  This part number is LTC7000-1.  See page 3 of the LTC7000 datasheet for the package drawing.  Yes, VIN pin can withstand 150V continuously…

  • LTC7000 Vcc problems

    We are using a LTC7000 for controlling six FBL86361 back to back.

    See attached schematics:


    We are able to turn on and off the outputs without any problems…

  • LTC7000

    I want to know how it works What is the output of VCC,I give 5V to inp,but it can't control  mos tube

  • LTC7000 negative voltage

    how to protect LTC7000 against negative -32V ?

  • LTC7000(-1) and LTC7001

    Hi there,

    are the components (LTC7000, TLC700-1, LTC7001) are AEC-Q100 qualtified?

    BR Tom


    Hi all.

    Is possible to apply 154Vdc only for 1 second on the LTC7000 SNS+ pin? I know    that the absolute value is 150V , but what happen if I apply 154vdc for only 1 second? the ic will be damaged for sure ?

  • LTC7000 incorrectly detects fault

    We are using the LTC7000 as a high side driver.  The circuit is very similar to the evaluation board with most components including timer circuit components being identical.  The overcurrent limit is set to 3.75A with a 0.008 ohm sense resistor.  The problem…

  • LTC7000 damaged with 6.8mF output capacitor

    Hi I am using LTC7000 as high side switch with Dual NFETs. The schematic is attached here. 

    The part number for M1 and M2 are IPB015N08N5ATMA1 but not the components shown in the schematic.

    The I1 load is actually an electronic load.

    In this test, I…