• RE: LTC6992 locked to vco

    Yes. Assuming you choose a device with duty cycle limited to 5%-95% such that there is always a PWM output then treat it as a current controlled oscillator via the SET pin. For example with RSET=100K and DIV grounded Fout=500KHz. ISET is 10uA. This is…

  • RE: Power consumption of LTC6992 vs LTC1098

    The LTC1098 very likely uses an older process node, but I don't think we really provide that information - what counts in the end is the performance (including power consumption) that we can guarantee in the datasheet. There is a figure of merit for ADCs…

  • Can the LTC6992 be used as a PWM modulator for Class D amplifiers?


    Recently I was working on a Class D power amplifier. I learned that the LTC6992 is a PWM modulator. I use the LTC6992 as a modulator for Class D amplifiers. However, when the Class D amplifier is connected to the load, the PWM waveform of the LTC6992…

  • .file_attr 1="1";

    Building a project imported from CCES 1.1.0 to 2.3.0 I get this error:

    [Error ea5004] "C:\Users\G\AppData\Local\Temp\acc3554de5a000\acc3554de5a001.s":659 Syntax Error in :
    .file_attr 1="1";
    syntax error is at or near text '1'.…

  • AD9523-1  Can I precisely adjust output clock frequency with AD9523-1 (EVAL-AD9523-1)?


    I would like to inquire if it is possible to achieve precise frequency control with EVALZ - AD9531-1? I'm interested in generating a clock signal that is a multiple of femtosecond laser output pulse rate, which can be something close to 80…

  • Arduino UNO and ADXL345 getting 0 0 0 OR -1 -1 -1 outputs with SPI communication

    I have EVAL-ADXL345Z evaluation board from Analog Device hooked up to the Arduino UNO R3, the code complies and runs fine. At first I could still get…

  • LT8708 and LT8708-1

  • LTC3114-1

    Hi Team,

    We are going to use LTC3114-1 to meet our below requirements.

    Input voltage : 20V to 30V

    Output voltage : 24V

    Output current : 800mA

    Will the part LTC3114-1 support our requirement with above 85% efficiency.

  • ADATE305 VDDO_0/1, VSSO_0/1 termination


    In case that VDDO_0 (pin 83), VDDO_1 (pin 93), VSSO_0 (pin 81) and VSSO_1 (pin 95) is unused, what termination is required?

    Best Regards,

  • HMC666_using IF pin without 1:1 transformer

    Hello Team.

    1:1 transformer applied in IF pin is expensive.

    so we want to use without transformer.

    is it possible that?

    Can you support solutions?


    Best regards,