• LTC6990 - fout accuracy


    I'm using this component in the recommended range of Rset.

    According to the datasheet, the frequency accuracy in this case is up to 2.2%.

    I'd like to know the meaning of this accuracy - is it a single period accuracy or an average accuracy…

  • LTC6990 - output when SET pin is floating

    I'd like to know what will I see in real-life on the OUT pin when the SET pin is floating.
    I'm asking because I'd like to support the case where V+ and OE get 3V but my SET pin is floating.
    According to the simulation, I see a voltage of V…

  • RE: LTC6906 Rset selection and output frequency accuracy/stability

    LTC6990 or LTC6900 appears to have higher error (1.5% vs 0.65% according to datasheet). If power consumption is not a concern for me, are there other parts that offer better frequency accuracy and stability while being resistor programmable? Or LTC6906…

  • (LT6990)Frequency Modulated Operation (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator)

    Hi !

    I have some questions about LTC6990.


    One of our customer want to use LTC6990 as Voltage-Controlled Oscillator.

    And I am trying to calculate the error.

    The error factors that can be read from this figure and the equation are the dispersion…

  • RE: LTC6992 adjustable frequency while running?

    The short answer is that both frequency changes by the SET pin and  divide changes are both available with the LTC6992-X parts. The divider changing is described on the data sheet on page 19. To change frequency by the SET pin the procedure is the same…

  • RE: Uising LCT4125 with LTC4124 configured at 10mA

    Thanks for your answer.

    If I got it right, you recommend using the easy power transmitter based on LTC6990 for so low power (10mA). I also understand the LTC2415 is quite difficult to tune for so low transmit current and hard to take advantage of all…

  • RE: LTC6993-1 OUTPUT waveform abnormal phenomenon

    99% of the time the problem with this is that the part used in the simulation is not the same as the part on the PCB in evaluation. Either the wrong "dash" number is installed or on occasion, the wrong TmerBlox part. For instance, an LTC6990 is installed…

  • RE: Low frequency analogue VCO


    In the RF and Microwave division the lowest frequency VCO we have is a few GHz. In your freq range we have the TimerBlox/LTC6990/LT6992. But these unfortunately do not have great noise performance since this is not exactly what they were designed…