• RE: LTC6957 - Input switching characteristic

    Hi Lukas,

    Yes.  You can think of the LTC6957 as a comparator.  If (V+ - V-) = positive value, then its output will present a logic high.  If  (V+ - V-) = negative value, then its output will present a logic low.  



  • Output impedance of the LTC6957-3


    I'm trying to match the output impedance of the LTC6957-3 to a 50 Ohm transmission line. In the datasheet of the LTC6957 I didn't found any information regarding the output impedance of the -3/4 variant of the chip. In the datasheet of the evaluation…

  • RE: AD9852 and LTC6957

    Hi d0ct0r,

    Where did that reply from “AD Engeneering Dept.” come from?  I had posted a reply to your thread last Friday, but immediately after submitting it I realized that I was looking at the wrong specs in the LTC6957-X datasheet.  I deleted my message…

  • LTC6957 jitter sensitive pulse generation

    We are designing a jitter sensitive clock distribution circuit. We need a component which can work as an “AND gate” for 10ns pulses from a LVPECL or LVDS source and which has one or two LVPECL or LVDS outputs.

    The application is very jitter…

  • LTC6957-3

    Hi Team,

    We have using LTC6957-3 for Clipped sine to CMOS conversion, we using single output only, what we will do unused output PIN? 

    Thanks, Regard

    Anoop Varma m

  • LTC6957 failsafe

    I have a SE clock signal (Sine-wave, 50 ohm) that I want to feed into the LTC6957-x, but the circuit requires a failsafe.  In other words, when the input clock is disconnected, it can't oscillate, even internally.  This is a low noise application any…

  • LTC6957 LTSpice Model?

    Hi, I am wondering if there are any plans to make a LTSpice model for the comparator LTC6957. This comparator would really benefit from a good model, due to its unusual input characteristics.



  • Problem with LTC6957-2 output


    We are giving a 1PPS (1 pulse per second) to LTC6957-2 to be converted to LVDS output. The schematics is as follows:

    The waveforms captured at pins 3 and 4 (input) are as follows:

    We are not getting any output other than random noise.


  • LTC6957 parallel clock tree


    Few months ago we were discussing Clock distribution of ultra low noise OCXO where we were interested in possible phase noise performace on offsets 10Hz to 1kHz.

    We have done some measurements and now we are considering only LTC6957 as direct clock…

  • LTC6957-3 pulse stretching


    I have a 5V single supply available.

    For detecting a signal from a photodiode amplifier via uC I need to buffer and stretch a pulse which is around 5 ns wide (periodic 100-200 ns) and down to some 100 mVp amplitude and DC-biased somewhere between…