• LTC6957-3 Evaluation Board Output Impedance Matching

    Hello all,

    Regarding the output impedance matching that is done over the EVM:

    Taken from the EVM manual (page 2):

    NOTE: The CMOS outputs of the DC1766A are AC-coupled and attenuated through two 100Ω resistors as shown in the DC1766A schematic diagram…

  • LTC6957-3 SPICE模型


  • LTC6957-2

    Hi Team,

    I had customer looking for 1:2 LVDS fanout buffer IC. Propose LTC6957-2.
    However, the LVDS signal voltage and IC supply voltage is 5V. I checked LTC6957 datasheet and notice it's up to 3.3V only.

    Do you have any recommendation for 5V, 1:2…

  • LTC6957: self-bias voltage


    In LTC6957 datasheet, Inputs specifies "Vincm" which is the Self-bais voltage. I assume this is the common mode voltage.

    For LTC6957-2 (LVDS), can someone clarify why Vincm is set between 1.8V - 2.3V? Isn't LVDS calls for common mode…

  • LTC6957 - Active input signal while VCC & V+ are powered off

    Hello all,

    I plan to use the LTC6957 as a 10MHz sine-wave to CMOS converter/buffer (10MHz reference signal from a GPSDO)

    My question is - Can an input signal still be applied to the LTC6957 while both VDD & V+ are powered off? (in terms of damaging the device…

  • 3v3 Output level DC1766A/LTC6957-3


    Trying to buffer a 10Mhz sine wave to a 10Mhz 3V3 square wave. The LTC6957-3 seemed ideal to me.
    I have been trying to use the EVK board "DC1766A" to generate the required output. But so far I am only getting a pk-pk of 600mV, half of it can be accounted…

  • LTC6957 additive phase noise when the LTC input is square wave


             In the data sheet, the additve phase noise data for LTC6954 is based on the sine wave input. What if the square wave input? In addition, LTC6954 is a limiter,nonlinear products may produce. Does the square wave input go through the limiter still…

  • LTC6957 - Input switching characteristic


    I have a question regarding the input of the LTC6957s.

    The following simulation represents my input circuit of the LTC6957:

    The voltages at the V+ and V- pin of the LTC6957 meet the electrical characteristics of the datasheet. Would the LTC6957…

  • Output impedance of the LTC6957-3


    I'm trying to match the output impedance of the LTC6957-3 to a 50 Ohm transmission line. In the datasheet of the LTC6957 I didn't found any information regarding the output impedance of the -3/4 variant of the chip. In the datasheet of the evaluation…

  • LTC6957 failsafe

    I have a SE clock signal (Sine-wave, 50 ohm) that I want to feed into the LTC6957-x, but the circuit requires a failsafe.  In other words, when the input clock is disconnected, it can't oscillate, even internally.  This is a low noise application any…