• LTC6955-1aboutout10

    I'm not good at this field, so let me ask you a general question.
    OUT10 of LTC6955-1 is described as divided by two.
    The output of this OUT10 is divided in synchronization with the rising edge on the positive side of the input.
    I think.

    Is it above?

  • Regarding the termination of LTC6955

    I looked at the AC-Coupled Differential CML or LVDS (fIN <5GHz) in the datasheet.

    Q1:It depends on the transmission line,but the resistance value here is not 160Ω, but 100Ω?

    Q2:,the internal differential impedance of the LTC6955 is 250Ω…

  • LTC6955 ouput 800mV vpp

    I see LTC6955 only output 420mV to 540mV,Now I use a chip that need 800mV Vpp, how can I do?

  • LTC6955 - can enable/disable Channel

    LTC6955, can we enable or disable each output channel beside stated in table 2 in datasheet?

    thank you.

  • LTC6955 - Input Interface Network for 1PPS or other similar signal with significant DC content?


    Referencing below linked LTC6955 datasheet, I see that the input swing range is 0.25V to 1.6V, the input common mode range is 1.6V to 2.7V and that page 13 shows many different input networks for input clock signals. 

    Does ADI have a recommended input…

  • RE: LTC 6955 some problem

    Yes, the LTC6955 works fine with sine or square with either SE or differential.   The LTC6953 and LTC6955 have the exact same design for the input pins.  For some reason we forgot to include this schematic in the LTC6955 datasheet.  You can use this one. 

  • RE: LTC6957 parallel clock tree

    Hi Daniel,

    Here is a plot of the LTC6955, does this not work for the 125MHz OCXO phase noise targets mentioned in the last email?  Or do you have some tougher requirements?

    This below plot compares the Pascal 100MHz OCXO direct --> E5052 vs the PASCA 100MHz…

  • RE: Clock distribution of ultra low noise OCXO


    Thanks.  The LTC6955 is a stripped down version of the LTC6953.  We basically just disabled some circuits on the LTC6953 to make the LTC6955..  The LTC6955 will be the same or better than the LTC6953 in all cases.

    I've been meaning to look at the LT3045…

  • RE: AD9162 DAC Clocking solution above 4.5GHz using LTC6952.

    Del, Thanks for moving this to the clock and timing community.  For some reason I was not notified about this reply from a month ago. 


    You can do that.  But if possible I would use the LTC6955(or HMC987) and the HMC7044 /2  input as this would avoid…

  • RE: Multicard Synchronization

    Ok, from the sounds of it the starting place is the LTC6951 application note 161, using the EZParallelSync example.  The 5th output of the LTC6951 is LVDS which was designed for an FPGA interface.  If this doesn't work for some reason  or if there are…