• LTC6952 SYSREF Pulse Length


    I see in the datasheet for the LTC6952 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ltc6952.pdf) that bits MODEx[1:0] set the SYSREF Mode, that bits SYSCT[1:0] set the number of pulses (1, 2, 4 or 8) for the pulsed mode…

  • HMC7044 or LTC6952

    I would like to know if I can use multi stages HMC7044 or LTC6952 for multi ADC clocking.

    I want to synchronize 1800 * ADC at 400MSPS.

    Skew less than 100ps

    Jitter to minimize ADC SNR impact < 100fs

    Can I reach these constraints with 4 stages of HMC7044…

  • LTC6952 Thermal Characteristics

    I am creating thermal models involving ADI's LTC6952 devices. The datasheet for the component only provides the junction-case thermal resistivity so, due to the large exposed pad on the part, I made the assumption that heat transfer is biased towards the…

  • LTC6952 multi-stage


    I want to implement multiLTC6952 stages.

    The system will be composed by one master stage LTC6952 locked on an external 10MHz.

    The master stage provides 5 outputs pair (REF clock - 100MHz & SSRQ PASS THRU) to synchronize 5 systems.

    Design :

  • LTC6952 and HMC1031 simulation


    How can I simulate a design based on LTC6952 possibly with an HMC1031 as a reference jitter cleaner? Why are they not available in ADIsimCLK?


  • ParallelSync operation of LTC6952

    Hello, I am hoping to use the LTC6953/LTC6952 combination in a ParallelSync operation with the LTC6953 providing the reference distribution similar to what is shown in Figure 35 in the LTC6952 datasheet. I have the corresponding DC2610 and DC2609 evaluation…

  • HMC7044, HMC7043 vs LTC6952, LTC6953

    ADI offers the two lowest jitter JESD204B/C multi-output clock generation devices on the market in the <4.5GHz frequency range. While these devices are very similar in some respects, there are some fairly significant differences that may make one device…

  • LTC6952 current consumption itemization

    On the LTC6952 datasheet, it shows a 200mA max for Vvco, Vref and Vd+. Could we get the breakdown on that? We need to know the individual currents for each. Thank you

  • HMC7044, HMC7043 vs LTC6952, LTC6953

    Can you compare the advantages/disadvantages of the HM704x clock family vs the LTC695x family?  They seem like very similar parts.