• HMC7044, HMC7043 vs LTC6952, LTC6953

    ADI offers the two lowest jitter JESD204B/C multi-output clock generation devices on the market in the <4.5GHz frequency range. While these devices are very similar in some respects, there are some fairly significant differences that may make one device…

  • LTC6952 SYSREF Pulse Length


    I see in the datasheet for the LTC6952 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ltc6952.pdf) that bits MODEx[1:0] set the SYSREF Mode, that bits SYSCT[1:0] set the number of pulses (1, 2, 4 or 8) for the pulsed mode…

  • Replicating Linduino One DC2026 Functionality + Use in the DC2609A board to Evaluate the LTC6952 Chip

    Given the difficulty of getting a Linduino One, has anyone used an Arduno One to replicate it's added functionality? This would include:

    Is there a connector or custom set of connections + software that would replicate the ADC "Quick Eval" connector…

  • LTC6952 multi-stage


    I want to implement multiLTC6952 stages.

    The system will be composed by one master stage LTC6952 locked on an external 10MHz.

    The master stage provides 5 outputs pair (REF clock - 100MHz & SSRQ PASS THRU) to synchronize 5 systems.

    Design :

  • LTC6952 Thermal Characteristics

    I am creating thermal models involving ADI's LTC6952 devices. The datasheet for the component only provides the junction-case thermal resistivity so, due to the large exposed pad on the part, I made the assumption that heat transfer is biased towards the…

  • RE: LTC6952 and HMC1031 simulation

    LTC6952 simulations are done in LTC6952Wizard.  I believe the HMC1031 is in ADIsimPLL.

  • LTC6952 current consumption itemization

    On the LTC6952 datasheet, it shows a 200mA max for Vvco, Vref and Vd+. Could we get the breakdown on that? We need to know the individual currents for each. Thank you

  • LTC6953 vs LTC6952 multi-stage sync

    Hello - I am trying to implement the refclk/sysref distribution scheme shown in the LTC6953 datasheet on pg. 54.  The LTC6952 datasheet specifies the relationship between the IN± and EZS_SRQ± lines in PARSYNC mode.  The LTC6953 doesn't support…

  • LTC6952 power consumption very high upon power up, not configured yet

    Hello ADI support,

       Upon power up of the LTC6952, we notice that the power consumption is higher than 4W. At this dissipation level, the 130C junction temperature would be exceeded given the 31C/W JA shown in the datasheet, 25 C ambient.

       The part isn…