• RE: Controlling LTC6951 IC with DC590B

    Yes, this is possible with a few modifications.  See FAQ #2 from the user guide below


    For a continuous SYSREF AC coupling between the LTC6951 and LTC6957 as shown above will work great.  If you are going to stop the LTC6951 STOP output (MUTE bits in LTC6951 register map), then DC coupling is preferred.  In this case, it is possible to change…


    The LTC6951 does have one LVDS output (OUT4).  The other 4 outputs (OUT0-3) are CML.  I am not that familiar with ARRIA 10, but if its inputs generate a 1.2V common mode voltage, you can AC couple the LTC6951 CML output to the ARRIA inputs. (figure 39 in…

  • LTC6951:Lock error


    We have a project that uses LTC6951 as a clock generation chip, but encountered some problems.

    Problem 1: PLL cannot lock
     It is expected to generate a clock with an input of 100M and a VCO of 4G. Using the register configuration exported by…

  • LTC6951 clock output phase issue

    Hi ,

    We are using LTC6951 to generate dev clock and sysref.

    Input reference Frequency is 30.72Mhz .First three outputs are configured for 122.88Mhz output frequency and last two outputs are configured for 3.84Mhz frequency.

    Phase difference between first…

  • LTC6951: No Lock, no calibration


    We are designing in a LTC6951 to provide clocks for ADC and FPGA.

    Independent of clock settings (either those from data sheet examples with external clock as well as with own settings) we always get the following error image:

    VCO obviously is somewhere…

  • Is the phase noise at the outputs of the LTC6951 correlated??

    Is the phase noise at the outputs of the LTC6951 correlated??  Meaning if there was no delay between 2 outputs, would the phase noise be correlated.  Would there still be correlation but shifted in time if one of the outputs was delayed with respect to…

  • Clock tree with LTC6951 as reference and LTC6952 as clock distribution in parallel sync?

    Wondering if it is possible to use the LTC6951 internal oscillator as reference to the LTC6952? The LTC6952 function as clock distribution for multiple JESD ADC and DAC.  I do not want to use an external clock for this clock tree architecture. Nor do I…

  • RE: Single clock generator for two AD9789 DACs?


    You can use both ADF4350 outputs to clock two different AD9789s.

    I would also like to make you aware of another ADI device called the LTC6951 that could be used also.

    There are two advantages of the LTC6951 over the ADF4350

    1) improved jitter performance…

  • RE: With regards input specification for Differential reference input


    The LTC6948 (and LTC6946) differential reference input is very similar to the LTC6951 reference differential.  The only reason I mention this is we did a much better job in the LTC6951 datasheet showing preferred schematics for the differential case…