• LTC6948-2 unlock

     i use register as follow,but it does not lock , the ref is 40M,pfd is 20M  output frequency is 985M,integer mode , how can slove this problem


  • Using LTC6948 as a VCO

    Hello. I'd like to use LTC6948 as a common VCO controlling output freq with an external DAC. But to start VCO i have to keep PLL loop closed. Is there any way to start VCO without the loop at all?

    Best regards, Eugene

  • combining LTC6948 and LTC5562

    (I asked this also to the technical support, my apologies for double asking but I need a fast answer)

    we combine LTC6948 and LTC5562. LTC6948 creates an LO signal of 920MHz and LTC5562 mixes the baseband onto it.
    Now I measured the output level of…

  • LTC6948's SDO Pin


    If the LTC6948 is not used in a multi-drop configuration, the datasheet recommends a high-value resistor of greater than 200 kOhm between the SDO and GND.

    However, since Ioh = -19.5mA (max), I think that there is no problem if the resistance value…

  • LTC6948 ALCEN default value

    I noticed the datasheet Table 16 shows ALCEN defaults to 1.

    However, the register map in table 15 suggests that ALCEN defaults to 0.  

    I assume that Table 16 is correct, and the ALCEN defaults to 1. So table 15 value for address h03 should be fixed to have…

  • LTC6948 - impedance of the RF+/- differential lines?


    We plan to use the LTC6948-3 with a 5GHz output, using a balun to produce a single-ended output.

    I have a few questions regarding this:

    - The HHM1570B1 is out of stock and we have decided to go for the HHM1595A1 which has a wider band at the price…

  • LTC6948 issue detection using Demo circuit DC590B

    I am using LTC 6948 in one of my design, I have copied the reference design from the EVAL board of (LTC6948IUFD-3) with DEMO circuit (1959A-C).

    It contain an EEPROM (U5 in the schematic), i would like to know how i can program that EEPROM and what initial…

  • Spurious in LTC6948-2 in fractional mode

    I am using LTC6948-2 device to generate 3.2625 GHz and reference signal is 100 MHz. I am seeing spurious in fractional mode as shown in picture.

    I am using this tool for calculating register value.

    This is my schematic for it.

    Can anyone please tell…

  • LTC6948-4频率锁不住


  • LTC6948输入参考时钟电平