• LTC6946 sweep/chirp on frequencies


    I wanted to ask if the LTC6946IUFD-1 component is capable of receiving a triangular wave input to its tune trigger and performing a sweep on frequencies? Has anyone tried this and if so should a capacitor be connected? The goal is to go over a frequency…

  • LTC6946

    Hey everyone , i want to use an outside program like CVI to control the PLLWizard. I am making a cellular jammer with this commponent LTC6946. 
    Do you know a DLL that i can download and use to make iy happend?

  • LTC6946 3rd order filter design

    Hi Experts:

    We are implement LTC6946 and try to improve the system phase noise performance by design loop filter.

    May I know if we could apply 3rd order filter to meet total noise under -100dBc? It seems we could only apply 2rd order filter in FracNWizard…

  • LTC6946 Reliability and Performance Enquiry


    I am considering to use LTC6946 for calibration source.

    It will be switch up to 10 sets of 1000 frequency points within minutes. 

    This will run continuously when the device is on.

    My question is that whether this will have any impact on the PLL performance…

  • Questions for LTC6946

    Blessed day!

    I have few questions for LTC6946 as shown below:

    1. What's the max switching time for switching the frequencies? Can I use the VCO calibration time for the max switching time estimation?
    2. What are the main parameters that will affect the…
  • RE: LTC6946-3 rev.1 VCO range

    Marking answered for lack of reply.

  • LTC6946 Leakage of Phase Comparison Frequency


    We have the LTC6946 designed into a product and have shipped >30 units over the last couple of years. In a recent batch of products we have noticed that the PFD frequency leaks into the PLL output much more in LTC6946 devices bought recently compared…

  • LTC6946-1 loop filter bandwidth

    I'm using the LTC6946-1 to output a 2.5 GHz clock.

    The LTC6946-1 only locks sometimes when using an open-loop bandwidth of 1440 kHz (with Fpfd = 163840 kHz). This should work (according to datasheet and PLLWizard) since the open-loop bandwidth is…

  • RE: Minimum Reference Frequency for LTC6946-3

    The short answer is 5MHz is ok, but you need to be aware of how this affects performance.

    The longer answer is

    For the input reference signal the datasheet states a minimum  frequency of 10MHz and a minimum slew rate of 20V/us.  Using a low ultra low noise…

  • how to use LTC6946、DC1705c,and how to use PLL wizard. thank you i hope someone can help me

    how to use LTC6946、DC1705c,and how to use PLL wizard. thank you i hope someone can help me