• RE: How to use LTC6946、ADL5904 and HMC637ALP5 in ADS_2016


    It sounds like you are interested in S-parameters for ADS? 

    For the LTC6946

    s-parameters: see page 26 and 27 of the LTC6946 datasheet.

    IBIS models, they are at this website. http://www.linear.com/product/LTC6946

    To simulate phase noise and…

  • RE: Controlling the output frequency of Demo Circuit 1705C-B using Matlab

    This eval board contains the LTC6946.  Eval board numbers don't usually trigger the alerts.

  • Analog devices equivalent IC for LTC6946-3

    which would be the analog devices equivalent component of Linear Technologies LTC6946?


  • LTC6946-1 loop filter bandwidth

    I'm using the LTC6946-1 to output a 2.5 GHz clock.

    The LTC6946-1 only locks sometimes when using an open-loop bandwidth of 1440 kHz (with Fpfd = 163840 kHz). This should work (according to datasheet and PLLWizard) since the open-loop bandwidth is…

  • Fast locking PLLs

    The attached presentation answers many common questions regarding fast locking PLLs and how to get lock times below 10 µs.

  • LTC6946、ADL5904、HMC637ALP5在ADS_2016上之使用問題

    如標題,我想在ADS 2016上呼叫這三個元件到電路圖上,但我找不到它的Library,希望有位好心人能幫我解決這個問題

  • LTC694x Loop Filter Design and Simuation

    What loop filter design tool should I use for LTC694x PLLs and PLL/VCOs? 

    The short answer is:

    LTC6945, LTC6946: PLLWizard

    LTC6947: FracNWizard

    LTC6948: Either FracNWizard or ADIsimPLL

    ADIsimPLL (https://form.analog.com/Form_Pages/RFComms/ADISimPll.as…