• Questions for LTC6946

    Blessed day!

    I have few questions for LTC6946 as shown below:

    1. What's the max switching time for switching the frequencies? Can I use the VCO calibration time for the max switching time estimation?
    2. What are the main parameters that will affect the…
  • LTC6946-1 loop filter bandwidth

    I'm using the LTC6946-1 to output a 2.5 GHz clock.

    The LTC6946-1 only locks sometimes when using an open-loop bandwidth of 1440 kHz (with Fpfd = 163840 kHz). This should work (according to datasheet and PLLWizard) since the open-loop bandwidth is…

  • LTC6946 Reliability and Performance Enquiry


    I am considering to use LTC6946 for calibration source.

    It will be switch up to 10 sets of 1000 frequency points within minutes. 

    This will run continuously when the device is on.

    My question is that whether this will have any impact on the PLL performance…

  • LTC6946 Leakage of Phase Comparison Frequency


    We have the LTC6946 designed into a product and have shipped >30 units over the last couple of years. In a recent batch of products we have noticed that the PFD frequency leaks into the PLL output much more in LTC6946 devices bought recently compared…

  • Minimum Reference Frequency for LTC6946-3

    We are using the LTC6946-3 synthesizer in an application that requires a 5MHz reference oscillator, with the synth reference divider ratio (R counter) set to "1".

    The datasheet states a minimum REF input frequency of 10MHz.

    Is there any downside…

  • LTC6946-3 rev.1 VCO range

    I am trying to deal with LTC6946-3 rev.1, but facing a VCO narrow range problem. When i change N divider the maximum range i get is:

    Fout = ~4.1 - ~4.6 GHz, with CP voltage ~0.1 - ~4.1 V respectively. Outside of the described range LD is 0. Schematic…

  • Analog devices equivalent IC for LTC6946-3

    which would be the analog devices equivalent component of Linear Technologies LTC6946?


  • How to use LTC6946、ADL5904 and HMC637ALP5 in ADS_2016

    I want to use LTC6946、ADL5904 and HMC637ALP5 on my circuit by ADS_2016. But I don't know where to download these component model.

  • LTC6946、ADL5904、HMC637ALP5在ADS_2016上之使用問題

    如標題,我想在ADS 2016上呼叫這三個元件到電路圖上,但我找不到它的Library,希望有位好心人能幫我解決這個問題

  • LTC6946、ADL5904、HMC637ALP5在ADS_2016上之使用問題

    如標題,我想在ADS 2016上呼叫這三個元件到電路圖上,但我找不到它的Library,希望有位好心人能幫我解決這個問題