• LTC6943 unused pin termination

    How should unused sections of a LTC6943 be terminated? I can't find any information in the datasheet to indicate this.

  • LTC6943 as precision voltage inverter

    I am looking at the 6943 as a way to create a precision negative voltage reference.

    The "Typical Applications" on p. 7 of the data sheet shows this but stipulates V+=+5 and V-=-5V.

    I'm wondering why this restriction? The divide and multiply…

  • RE: Regarding square wave (~7.8125 kHz) is present at RCLK_OUT (J3) - ADA2200

    Hi Shaumik,

    I see. You can check AD630 or LTC6943. In AD630 DS page 18, there is a reference circuit for lock-in amplifier section:

    Also, LTC6943 DS page 10:

    Let me know if you have any specs in mind for your requirement so we can help you in selecting…

  • RE: Discrete chopper switch

    And if I use LTC6943 as one chopper, from my understanding of the datasheet, https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltc6943.html, I need to short the terminals, for example, 9 and 10. But in the datasheet, they are usually connected with a capacitor. So I…

  • RE: LTC1043

    Hi Piotr,

    The multiply by 4 is just two multiply by 2 stacked together. See attached photo.

    The alternate part LTC6943 is more recommended for new designs.

  • RE: Lock in Amplifier assistance needed.

    Brian, Thanks! I saw you have another post commenting using LTC6943 for lock in amplifier, would that work for this kind of frequency? LTC can work up to 5MHz? 

    Also, I completely don't understand how LTC6943 works. Each of the datasheet example only connects…

  • RE: lock-in amplifier using AD630 or ADA2200.

    Hello Thomas,

    There is a third option that may provide the best performance.  That is the LTC6943. If you look on page 10, there is a schematic for a lock-in amplifier.  This circuit may perform the other 2.  It is hard to say.  One key metric of performance…

  • RE: LTC1043 variable resistance using switched capacitor

    Hi Nahit,

    Your connection uses the switches on resistance that varies with input voltage.

    The switch on resistance for a given input voltage is not the same from part to part.

    In addition the connection from A to B is switched from a low on resistance…