• Oscillator LTC6909

    Is there a Pb finish version of LTC6909HMS#   Oscillator available.  

    If so what is the part number and lead time?

  • Questions about LTM4656 + LTC6909


    My customer wants to divide their Boost device and use multiple devices instead of one boost converter because of heating issue.

    Please refer below conditions & design and let me know your opinions.

    1. 12V Vin / 36V Vout/ 9A Iout   

        1) Customer…

  • LTC6909 Component Marking

    Hello ,

    Can you please support me how to get the date code based on the LTC6909 top side package marking ?

    Thank you for your support .

    Regards .

  • Request yoor recommended OP-AMP. for supporting +-35V operating range


    My customer use AD824 in +-15V operating range.

    As the their end customer's request, they should expand operating range of this OP AMP. from -35V to +35V.

    For this, I find AD4700-1 & LTC6909 device with wide Vs range(100V).

    1) Would…

  • RE: multiple input and multiple output oscillators similar to LTC6906

    We have parts with multiple outputs (LTC6908, LTC6902, LTC6909), but for these parts all outputs are at the same frequency but with different output phasing relationships. It sounds like you are looking for a single part that can provide two different…

  • RE: Lt8613 parallel application


    the example is good for 64W (21.33W per channel). You ask now for an increase by a factor of 2.5. You have seen the IR pictures in the article, which indicate a deltaT of 40C for the given power

  • RE: LTM4676A; using spread spectrum clock

    Switching frequency is 600kHz and generated by LTC6909.

    This 600kHz +/-10% with 9.3kHz modulation rate clock are supplied to LTM4676A.

    It seems LTM4676A will not be able to track higher modulation rate clock.

    Thank you for your help.

  • RE: LT8609S ext clock using LTC6902 with SSFM

    Yep ... the datasheet mentions that.  The datasheet doesn't mention how well the device can track a changing frequency.  What are the restrictions regarding the LT8609S locking on to an external clock that uses SSFM? 

    How rapidly is the clock allowed to…

  • LTM4644 PLL problem/FM clock


    I am using a pair of LTM4644s to generate 7 regulated outputs (the third and fourth outputs of one of the modules are paralleled up to provide an 8A output).  To synchronise both modules, I have a LTC6909 powered using one of the INTVCC1 outputs to…